Panorama at the heart of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Coordination and safety at the Olympic Games: a challenge for SCADA teams

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Jeux Olympiques

As the world prepares to celebrate sporting excellence, it is imperative to ensure seamless coordination, unwavering safety and an unforgettable experience for all participants, spectators and organisers of the Olympic Games.
Organising such an event is a major undertaking. Mass arrivals of visitors on public transport, access to sports facilities, booked hotel stays: the Games in France mobilise a large number of people and facilities. The Panorama platform set up at many of these facilities is helping to ensure that the Games run smoothly.

A SCADA platform for safe and efficient transport

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will attract people from all over the world to attend the various competitions. These people will be using various forms of public transport, including planes, trains and the metro.

How does the Panorama solution help to guarantee a reliable and secure service for users?

Ensuring 24-hour service continuity at airports

At an airport, an efficient baggage handling system ensures that suitcases are collected on arrival, reducing waiting time.

To achieve this, the baggage handling system at Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports is controlled from a Panorama HMI. Through this HMI, the operators ensure that all the machines and automated equipment are running without interruption. The interoperability of the SCADA solution with the various business applications ensures that baggage is tracked and routed correctly, and that losses are minimised. SCADA systems of this type at an airport improve the passenger experience and the operational efficiency of the site.

As an official partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the ADP Group develops, operates and maintains the Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget airports.

The group chose CODRA to maintain the industrial processes of its airport sites on a long-term basis. The customer benefits from a direct link with the manufacturer’s teams for long-term support. IT systems are maintained for these various French airports.

Helping to make urban transport journeys safer

Many French cities such as Bordeaux, Lille and Marseille will be hosting several Olympic Games events. The public transport systems in these cities will have to cope with peaks in traffic before and after each match.

In Lille, KEOLIS is responsible for ensuring that the city’s metro users receive a secure, on-time service. Every day, more than 350,000 passengers use the 600 metro gates.  Keolis is ready to cope with major peaks in passenger numbers this summer. The operator is relying on Panorama as its access control solution on the network. The SCADA application enables fine-tuned flow management, limits fraud and enhances passenger safety and security.

Much further south in France, Régie des Transports Marseillais (RTM) has also chosen Panorama to centrally manage its two metro lines. The solution is designed to improve response times to any incidents that may occur on the network. The operator is also preparing to handle heavy traffic on match days at the Marseille stadium and during sailing events at the marina.


The Lille Metro is the 1st automatic (driverless) metro in the world.

Guaranteeing uninterrupted traffic through the Channel Tunnel

400 trains run every day between England and France. During the London 2012 Olympic Games, the famous Channel Tunnel broke the highest traffic record since 1999: over a 7-day period, 74,292 passenger vehicles and 776 coaches were transported by the rail shuttle (*source Tourmag). Tunnel operator Eurotunnel is once again preparing for an exceptional peak in activity. Teams will be mobilised during this period to ensure a safe and on-time journey. Eurotunnel can rely on its Integrated SCADA solution Panorama to guarantee passenger safety. The SCADA platform provides a 360° view to monitor the situation in real time and locate alarms quickly.

Jeux Olympiques
Transport and SCADA © CODRA

The Panorama platform is helping to ensure safe and efficient travel.

Optimising passenger comfort in hotels with a BMS solution

During the Olympic Games, accommodation will be a place of rest, a logistical centre and an essential meeting point for athletes, delegations and visitors from all over the world.

How does the Panorama solution help to guarantee an optimal hotel experience for occupants?

Within the HILTON hotel group, several establishments, such as Massy, south of Paris, are equipped with a Panorama BMS to optimise guest comfort. Thanks to their Panorama application, the hotel teams can monitor the status of their equipment in real time and anticipate any faults. This enables them, for example, to avoid a lift breaking down or the ventilation in the rooms not working. Panorama allows teams to coordinate their work to manage emergencies and offer guests the best possible service.

Managing the Building BMS at the heart of the Athlete’s Village

The Panorama platform has been chosen to control the BMS for the Les Gradins building in Saint-Denis (93), at the heart of the athletes’ village. The site will be home to 22,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes. The 7-storey building is reversible, with two life phases:

  • Initially, the building will be incorporated into the Athletes’ Village and used as accommodation until November 2024,
  • The building will then be converted into office space.

The Panorama SCADA application will enable electricity consumption and equipment status to be monitored in real time.

Jeux Olympiques
Village des Athlètes © GA Smart Building

Taking part in the smooth running of sporting events in stadiums

Many stadiums in France have been chosen as venues for the 2024 Olympic Games. These venues can accommodate tens of thousands of people for each event. These large gatherings require meticulous management to ensure that the event runs smoothly and maximises spectator satisfaction.

How does the Panorama solution help to ensure that stadium events run smoothly?

Back to Lille, with a capacity of 50,000, the Pierre Mauroy stadium in Lille will be hosting many basketball and handball matches during this world competition. Equipped with Panorama as its centralised management system, the command post is the nerve centre of the stadium during match periods. The SCADA application has been designed for efficient operation and maintenance of the site. The solution enables the 450 doors to be opened automatically, so that spectators can enter and leave the stadium more smoothly on match days. In another example, Panorama uses field data feedback to alert operators to equipment failures, so that the facilities can be maintained over the long term.

Panorama is helping to make the stadiums a focal point for the action during the Olympic Games.


The Pierre Mauroy stadium is the 1st French stadium to be equipped with a mobile roof made up of two 7,200-tonne rigid half-roofs that can be deployed in 30 minutes.

The software platform will help to make the Paris 2024 Olympic Games experience smooth and enjoyable, leaving participants and spectators with lasting memories. See you on 26 July!

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