Codra 2021 Review

a look back at the year's highlights

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Codra has been growing at double-digit rates for several years and 2021 has been no exception! In order to keep pace with the constant increase in our activity and to be ready for future years, Codra is continuing its policy of recruitment and is continuing to invest heavily in R&D to improve the operational performance of Panorama users.

2021, Panorama Suite: a multifaceted digital platform

Despite the current global pandemic, 2021 will have been a year of significant growth for Codra. While some sectors such as Aeronautics or Energy are less dynamic than they were before the crisis, others such as Transport, Construction and Large Infrastructures are growing rapidly. For example, Codra is actively participating in one of the most structurally important projects in the Ile de France: “Grand Paris”, for which some tens of thousands of people have been mobilized.

While Codra is still leading in the BMS (Building Management System) sector and has signed for new projects such as the “PSG Campus” or the “CHU de Saint-Etienne”, the company is broadening its horizons in other markets such as the food industry.

In 2021, innovation projects were won and implemented at “SAVENCIA” and “Saint-Jean”, among others, to support the Industry 4.0 strategy of these customers.

In addition, Codra has established itself in the Process Industry with the signature of a multi-year project with Orano, world leader in the field of spent fuel recycling.

2021, the resumption of events

2021 has seen the resumption of face-to-face events, highlights in the life of any company. Clearly, the success of any project or organization depends above all on the men and women behind it and on the human factor.

So contact is all important and Codra’s teams were able to meet face to face with partners, integrators, and end customers at a number of exhibitions throughout the year. You could find us at BIM World, Global Industrie Lyon, SIDO (with feedback from SNCF, factory of the future), IBS (with feedback from CRAM, energy efficiency operator). You might also have been able to meet us internationally, with our Codra Software teams at the Smart Building Show in London in partnership with Genetec on the subject of Safety Hypervision or at the Green Building Council in Cape Town for a discussion on the topic of energy transition. To end the year on a high note, Codra’s Johannesburg, South Africa branch finally had the opportunity to host its local clients and partners in a beautiful and friendly setting for its 1st PanoramaDays.

2021, from theory to practice

2021 has also seen innovations such as BIM Operations, an extension of the Panorama SCADA software for the operation of buildings by combining 3D modelling and real-time control. This solution makes it possible to respond to the challenges of “data control” that the players in the intelligent building sector are increasingly facing. Indeed, since 2017, France has imposed the use of BIM (digital model) for all public buildings in order to build in an ecological and economical manner. Moving from the use of BIM in design to operations is just one step that Panorama will take you through.

«We experienced strong interest at BIM World and IBS. There is a real demand on the part of design offices and operators,» explains Frédéric Barugola, Sales Manager France at Codra.

2021 also saw success for our webinars, so eagerly awaited by our user community, such as the one on «BACS and Commercial Decrees: from theory to practice». We were able to share our experience and make people understand that acquiring a BMS/FM platform to improve the performance of commercial or industrial buildings is no longer optional. But also, that “Energy Control on Demand” – or how to adapt consumption to actual usage – is now a real answer to reach the objectives of carbon neutrality by 2050. Codra provides concrete technological solutions to address the challenges of energy transition.

2021, Cybersecurity, a never-ending struggle

2021 is also marked by steadfast pursuit of our R&D efforts to strengthen and simplify the implementation of Cybersecurity mechanisms. Indeed, Panorama software, the 1st SCADA to be certified and qualified by ANSSI, is continuously being enriched with each new release, in order to meet the challenges of operators of vital importance (OIVs) but also of all companies concerned about securing their installations. «There is a community of professionals who use the same infrastructure, make the same mistakes or face the same type of intrusions. It can also be seen that not all companies necessarily have an IS/IT department to help them fight cyber-attacks. That’s why we are working to make our products more robust and easier to use,» says Eric Oddoux, Managing Director of Codra. «Codra’s role is to be of use to these companies on a daily basis,» he concludes.

And 2022? New and innovative products are on the agenda!

Codra is continuing to innovate and will soon be announcing the new version of the Panorama Suite ‘2022’: Edge to services, web HMI, responsive design, cybersecurity, … Codra is doing everything possible to support you in your SCADA projects and enable you to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0 and the Smart City!

Stay tuned! 2022 promises to be exceptional!

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