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From data collection to performance optimization: discover the full power of Panorama products on a single platform. Made up of a communication front end, a SCADA system and a process historian, the platform is designed  for the most demanding of technical infrastructure environments.
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With the Panorama Suite, comes technological quality and durability

Smart buildings, connected cities, industry 4.0, Unified Control Center – our platform has already been widely tested in many sectors of activity (more than 60,000 licenses deployed). Panorama Suite is made up of three independent, combinable and complementary software packages, which enable you to address the challenges of your digital transformations.
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  • sustainability
  • interoperability
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Communication front end

Remote Management

Gateway for PLC data acquisition, telemetry and IoT (connected objects) Panorama COM allows you to collect and centralise data.

Scada/ Hypervision

Duty roster

Underpinning your industrial information system, Panorama E2 collects and processes all of your operational data to enable you to run your facilities and drive operational performance.

Historian & reporting

Energy monitoring

Log your data and analyse your performance through a powerful reporting and dashboarding tool.

Building the future together

Who is Panorama Suite design for?

Companies are evolving in an increasingly demanding context: IT security, increased competition, and compliance with environmental, health and regulatory standards, are key challenges in everything that is done. CODRA has developed its Panorama platform with clear objectives: support the operators of all manner of installations and facilities, simplify their daily lives, and be as useful to as many people as possible by combining power with execution.


Operators in the field must be able to carry out their mission in the best possible ways. They must have access to the necessary information via ergonomic, intuitive and often mobile HMIs. Suitably equipped, such that they can then focus on the execution of their job and make full use of their technical expertise.

Operations – Shift Leaders

From their control room or in front of a control system, shift leaders must ensure the proper functioning of their installation and react in the event of an alert. The shift leader’s day-to-day life in the workplace means being informed in real time and coordinating numerous actions.

SCADA, Hypervision using  Panorama  at the heart of all these activities.

Site managers

Site managers need access to summarised activity information through real-time key indicators, automatic reporting and dynamic dashboards. What are their objectives? Monitor, analyse and anticipate actions in order to be able to optimize the performance of their facilities without forgetting the cybersecurity challenges.


Automation engineers and IT specialists must have the best tools to be able to meet their customers’ requirements.  From innovative SCADA applications to powerful analytics, Panorama integrators can count on the three pillars of a robust and proven platform: wide functional coverage, advanced capabilities in interface design, and cybersecurity mechanisms certified by ANSSI.

How does the Panorama platform meet your needs?
Our development teams and Panorama experts work daily to improve our products. Thanks to their determination to constantly raise software performance levels, the Panorama platform offers you a wide choice of interoperable and open micro-services to support your Digital Transformations.
Technical expertise
Unified EDI
UI / UX design
Based in France and the United Kingdom, our technical teams are made up of experienced engineers. R&D, Support, Training, Experts, Consultants, over and above their strong IT skills, all converge towards a single objective: the success of your SCADA projects.
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Preserving the integrity of your information system is vital to protect against potentially critical operational losses. To address these cybersecurity issues, Codra provides concrete answers to securing SCADA applications: Panorama - the first SCADA certified by ANSSI.
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Web services, Advanced communication protocols, plug-ins (User Classes), Third Party Systems: Panorama is an open and interoperable platform that allows information to converge within a single control and management system.
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Cloud, Hybrid, Local, Distributed, Virtualised, Redundant: many choices of technical architectures are available to best serve your projects. The Panorama platform adapts to your infrastructure needs and ensures a consistent user experience based on your choices.
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Simplify the lives of your technical teams. Provide them with a single configuration workshop to create and update all of your Panorama applications.
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Panorama has advanced graphic functions, enabling you to create an ergonomic HMI and application design. Position the user experience at the heart of your applications and create interfaces to meet operational needs.
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Customer service

Customer satisfaction is a measure of the level of commitment we endeavour to demonstrate throughout the lifecycle of your projects. From the detection of issues, through advice, support, deployment and then user support, we tailor our customer service to all situations and users.

Panorama software is able to bring the world of automation closer to the world of IT, a problem that is difficult to solve using COTS software and which, as a transport network operator, really attracted us, KEOLIS, Lille
Keolis | SCADA project
Because we have a complex architecture, we went with a robust, future-proof industrial software (...). It was important to opt for a scalable software solution, combined with a friendly graphic interface. These were necessary given the wide use that we’ll be making of Panorama's Geo SCADA function, Voies Navigables de France, Bethune
VNF | SCADA project
Panorama is a Hardware agnostic solution, enabling the Sanofi teams to have full control over their industrial installations, Bruno Dupont, Project and Process Improvement Manager at SANOFI Ambarès
Sanofi | BMS/FM project


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