Defence is Codra’s second most longstanding sector of specialization and one where discretion is paramount. We are proud to be a trusted partner and to be able to contribute to the excellence of the French and European Defence industry. Our teams have recognized expertise together with all the clearances and accreditations necessary to collaborate on the most sensitive projects.


Panorama HMI/SCADA solutions are used in a range of naval systems including onboard BMS. Working on naval rather than civil applications means cybersecurity functions are critical. These must also operate uninterrupted, so Panorama’s native redundancy and preventive maintenance features are particularly key in this domain.

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Naval Group



For defence infrastructures, our Panorama solutions fulfill three types of function:
– monitoring / control of facilities (FM/BMS/BEMS/…),
– monitoring / control of specific systems required by base activities such as radiation protection,
– security hypervision covering multiple infrastructures via a Unified Control Center solution.
In the latter case, hypervision unifies CCTV, access control, intercom and anti-intrusion functions. Our Panorama platform takes centralized control of these diverse systems to a new level.

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French Ministry of Defense, Air bases, Barracks, DGA (Direction générale de l'armement), Thales



Defence is a major industrial sector in many countries such as France and the UK. Panorama solutions offer these industries strategic capabilities for supervisory control of test beds and complete installations. As an example, our SCADA platform serves the control and instrumentation systems for the Laser Megajoule facility (LMJ) and the EPURE program (in cooperation between France and the UK). Panorama is also implemented in the control of certain missile system test beds.

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