A Historian solution is designed to centralize a large volume of data, perform context- or formula-driven processing and then archive it intelligently for future use. Like an iceberg, it has an invisible and visible component: the hidden part collects and archives raw data in a database, while the visible part harnesses and analyzes this data to extract its value. So you can focus on energy performance, ROI, productivity gains, quality improvements or any other KPI. The choice is yours!


A data Historian solution collects large amounts of data into an optimized database, sometimes at very high speeds and over long periods of time. It must have a structured identification system and be able to acquire this data from many different sources. The advantage of any Historian solution lies in its ability to acquire data intelligently, combine it and where necessary convert it to maximize the usefulness of the relevant information.

Data center

Data Analytics

Even with intelligence and optimization, a database without analytics is of limited use. Powerful mining and analytics features are therefore also key attributes. Features may include a dashboard to show the recent status of a plant in summary format and allow the user to interactively drill-down through different levels of analysis. Reporting features should be made available to present and generate pre-formatted reports. Operators or analysts will be able to present a status at any given moment and the formats should be compatible with the statutory formats of these results.

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