In order for each device to contribute to the overall intelligence of a plant, it must be able to communicate with third-party systems. Identifying and adjusting the speed, volume and security level of these information flows is therefore essential to ensure the overall consistency of the system. An optimized chain of communication ensures all these requirements are met through the use of appropriate protocols and communications standards.

Real-time communications

Does your plant require real-time management of critical data or for performance purposes? If so, you need appropriate communications equipment and a robust communications infrastructure. Data flows back and forth between often quite different devices on the ground and an industrial information system. This usually requires various communication protocols that must be integrated and their data made available to the SCADA system.


The Industrial Internet of Things - IoT and LPWAN

Do you want to deploy a data collection system without impacting your legacy setup? Or maybe you want to boost your measurement points without having to move or re-lay cables? Then the IoT is made for you! Designed using innovative radio technologies, IoT objects capture information locally at very low cost and typically feed it back to dedicated cloud platforms. Find out how to integrate this information with the data directly in a SCADA system, without adversely affecting your system architecture or compromising your plant safety and security.

Communication IoT


Real-time connection of devices distributed over a wide geographical area may require expensive infrastructure depending on the importance of the information being exchanged. A proven and widely deployed solution is known as telemetry. The principles implemented are based on common technologies such as telephone connections, GSM and SMS that transmit information directly to the central SCADA or Hypervision application, either through a scheduled request or via an unsolicited alarm.



Exchanging information within an industrial or technical information system involves much more than simply implementing communication protocols.
The ecosystem of specialized software is often extensive, involving CMMS, GIS, reporting applications, ERP, standalone systems, etc. These all need to communicate with each other to create smooth information flows and make the plant more efficient and smarter. Interoperability is therefore a much broader challenge than the simple exchange of protocols.

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