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Codra has developed and continues to expand its expertise on numerous different operating systems. The diversity of industries and business sectors represented by our customers – spanning manufacturing, tertiary activities, railways, laboratories, R&D, etc. – requires a wide range of specialist IT solutions.

Each programming language has its own specific features. These are closely related to the operating systems (OS) that they run on. Working in a targeted environment therefore requires not only expertise in the programming language but also in the characteristics of the OS itself. The ability to master all these components in order to deploy, test and commission the application developed is a challenge that Codra will always rise to.



Windows is a standard in industrial computing (excluding classified systems) for historic reasons. One of the main factors of its success is support for the OPC protocol, added between 1996 and 1998. This protocol – available exclusively under Windows – soon became a standard as it is easy to implement. It has been widely adopted in industry for communicating between devices, and PLCs in particular.


We mainly use Linux for scientific computing projects. Most customers using this type of application are R&D divisions of large corporations. They tend to choose Linux initially for their clusters, and then naturally extend it for their other scientific tools. Besides its cluster capabilities, Linux is often chosen for its large community of universities and government research organizations.

Open VMS

We also work with OpenVMS (Open Virtual Memory System), previously called VAX-11/VMS (VAX/VMS is a proprietary operating system of HP). The system was ported to DEL Alpha processors and then to Itanium. OpenVMS is a safe, stable system. It is widely used in banking, military, and industrial systems such as for the control of rolling mills or the supervision of stationary infrastructure equipment.

iOS & Android

In recent years, we have also acquired expertise in the development of mobile applications. We can work in both iOS and Android environments as required by our customers.

Other operating systems

We also offer solutions based on real-time operating systems (such as Linux RT and VxWorks).

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