Research is a strategic area of human endeavor and one in which Codra is privileged to play a part. For many years now, our know-how and expertise in SCADA software development has enabled us to be involved in major scientific and technical research projects, both French and European. Our research clients are pushing the boundaries in their respective fields and they come to us for the most adaptive, innovative, sustainable, safe and secure solutions available.

Controlling Lasers

Panorama is used to control a wide range of research laser facilities, both in the public and private domains. These lasers feature extremely accurate aiming systems which enable temperature increases to be focused in very precisely targeted zones. The simplest installations contain a single laser, while the largest facilities may be equipped with several hundred devices. In this case, the alignment process is a technical feat in itself. Panorama is chosen for this type of installation for its adaptability, its reliability and its native support of the Tango protocol.

Other references

Extreme Light Infrastructure - Alps (Hungary) , Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics (Romania)



Some areas of research require the use of elements that pose a danger to human health in the event of exposure. In facilities employing such materials, Panorama solutions are used to control the process and to monitor the environment and ensure that there are no breaches in confinement that may lead to contamination. In this type of configuration, our platform is generally implemented to control air flow and containment pressure systems as well as HVAC.

Other references

CEA Cadarache , ILL (Institut Laue-Langevin)



Health-related research is key to developing new treatments. The Panorama SCADA platform is qualified to control equipment in situations where an error can have dramatic consequences. Today, Panorama solutions are deployed, for example, for the high precision control of proton beams in systems for treating tumors, and to manage the nuclear reactors that make it possible to manufacture radioactive sources for treating certain cancers or to perform bone and brain scans. Key to Panorama’s success in these types of application are its openness, adaptability and capacity to guarantee full traceability of measurements.

Other references

EDRA Medical

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