Tap into the history of your installations

Exploit your data

Panorama H2, the Panorama Historian offer

Collect, archive and analyse your data in a simple and powerful analysis tool available locally or in SaaS mode. With Panorama H2, analyse your operational data and make unlimited use of the information it contains!

  • Data
  • Analysis
  • Indicators
  • Dashboards

Reliable and accessible data

Enable your team’s to analyse and report your data

Your data will increase your producty with this versatile solution. Centralise then analyse your data to optimise your operating, maintenance and energy costs. When you use Panorama H2, you’re using a proven solution that helps you focus on improving performance.

Qualitative data

Harness the power of your data

The purpose of Panorama’s Data Historian is to help users to visualise, understand and use their data for very specific purposes.

Process optimisation
Preventive maintenance
Energy efficiency
The recording of production data makes it possible to analyse and optimize processes in order to save time, boost performance, improve the quality of work and ultimately better organize all stages of production.
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You can analyse your SCADA monitoring alarms to identify failure factors and/or identify the best times to carry out maintenanceoverhauls or machine shutdowns. You therefore shift the focus from curative maintenance to preventive maintenance.
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In the operation of buildings or infrastructures, data analysis is used to monitor the correct functioning of equipment, environmental measurements and, above all, energy consumption. By being able to track these parameters precisely, operators can make the right decisions.
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Companies and production facilities are subject to numerous regulations in the course of their activities. In order to comply with them, it is important to be able to guarantee the traceability of data and demonstrate that it cannot be falsified. This is why you need a tool that consolidates your data and assures its reliability throughout the entire data cycle.
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Great deployment flexibility

In order to be able to fully leverage your Data Historian, it is important to operate an infrastructure that matches your usage. Are you single-user, multi-user, thick client or thin client, using locally-based software or SaaS?
In fact, it doesn’t matter! Whatever architecture you select to best meet your needs, Panorama H2 remains the same.

The functional scope of Panorama H2 remains the same regardless of your hosting choice.

Local solution

Compatible with applications having from 100 to 300,000 variables

An SQL database to allow greater openness to third-party systems
Works with diverses data types
Processes data as soon as it is acquired
Logs your data according to its nature

Cloud solution

All the H2 server’s power in Cloud mode

No licensing charge, just a subscription
Optimized and contract-based availability rates
Benefit seamlessly from all updates
Your data is hosted in France

A global report of your installations

KPI & data analysis: discover H2 Reporting

H2 Reporting is the module dedicated to the analysis and formatting of Panorama H2 data. Available as a thick client or Web client, this solution provides users with simple and ergonomic analytic interfaces. Queries are generated automatically, so there is no need to have SQL or programming knowledge. This is a solution focused on ease-of-use so the user can view pre-existing reports, then create and disseminate new reports simply using  “drag & drop”.

Raw data, consumption calculations, operating times, numbers of operations, numerical statistics (average, cumulative, etc.), alarm cycles. All your operating data can be correlated in a single interface.


Explore and display your results graphically in simple, user-friendly analytic interfaces.

Alarms history

Represent the history of your alarms in a visual and intuitive  way to enable you to act effectively.

Reports and dashboards

H2 Reporting enables a novice  to build their own Reports and dashboards easily, refine intermediate results and build analytical trails independently.

Accessible models

Are your users afraid of having to create their own reports? 50+ ready-to-use reports are already available. Use the data from your Panorama Historian in a user-friendly way.

Panorama Studio : 1 design workshop

Simplify your technical teams’ view. Provide them with a single configuration workshop to create and update all of your Panorama applications

Securised Data

Cybersecurity, don’t forget the basics !

Panorama is the first SCADA system certified and approved by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI). The experience gained and the techniques used have been implemented to make Panorama H2 secure: Data flow integrity and confidentiality are at the heart of the system. Data is fully partitioned in SaaS mode.


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