To make the leap from production tracking to Factory 4.0 / Industry 4.0, you need to make digital work for you. Accelerate and plan your digital transformation. Build on your current capabilities and modernize your legacy systems at your own pace. Work on connecting, homogenizing and orchestrating all of your data. Enhance your industrial applications with new features and the latest technologies.


In the food & beverage industry, Panorama solutions are used in a wide variety of fields. Our SCADA platform is deployed to control and monitor grain silos and seed factories, as well as dairy, oil and sugar processing plants, not to mention for the control of rendering processes. Panorama Suite comes with FDA CFR21 Part 11 compliance guidance.

Other references

Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne , Moët & Chandon, Nestlé Waters, Perrier, Vittel , Euralis Semences , Boyer , INRA , John Deere , Prayon , Agricultural Cooperatives (South Idf, Bourgondy, …), Vanderlande , May Group , Savencia , BEL Group , Ile-de-France cooperative



In the space sector, Panorama’s activities focus exclusively on ground infrastructure and manufacturing processes as opposed to onboard elements.
The Panorama platform is used for instance to control utilities in the ground installation for the European launchers. In manufacturing, our solutions underpin control of the production lines for mirrors used on the latest generations of telescopes.

Other references

CNES , Ariane Group , ASL (Airbus Safran Launcher) , European Southern Observatory (ESO) , Safran Electronics & Defense , Reaction Engines



In aeronautics, Panorama solutions are already applied to manage a number of manufacturing processes. Current applications include the supervisory control of engine test beds (helicopters and aircraft), assembly line components, and manufacturing processes (furnaces, presses, etc.) for engine components and aircraft parts. In addition to processes, the Panorama platform is used in FM/BMS for the industrial buildings accommodating the manufacturing and test activities (factories, airport installations, military bases, etc.).

Other references

Direction générale de l’aviation civile (DSNA project) , Safran Aircraft Engine , Safran Helicopter Engine , Pratt & Whitney , AIRBUS



In the field of process Industries and materials transformation, the Panorama platform is implemented for the supervisory control of all kinds of production units. Applications include the transformation processes for manufacturing plasterboard, insulation materials, industrial glass (furnaces, …), cement in its various forms, and bitumen. In addition to control over the process itself, optimizing consumption of materials is a key issue for these transformation industries. Needless to say, Panorama Suite offers real added value in adapting to such functional needs as your requirements expand.

Other references

Saint Gobain (ovens) , Ciments Calcia (Beaucaire | Bussac) , Safran-Albany plant in Commercy (in north-eastern France) , AHLSTROM , La Poste, Royal Mail, Deutsche Post, SMART factory, CEA,



In the pharmaceutical industry, Panorama contributes in two areas: the control of utilities (clean and gray water, energy, HVAC, etc.), production units, and certain vaccine and drug manufacturing processes. In addition to control and scheduling of the process, traceability is a major issue for this type of industry. A number of applications developed using Panorama are GMP-compliant (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Other references

GSK (Gembloux) , Diagast , Sanofi

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