Where we come from

A 30-something company, in the prime of life, Codra has only ever known a world of perpetual transition - the world of industrial, scientific and technical computing. Trusted by 1,000+ customers including more than 80% of French blue chips listed on the CAC 40 index, we are a vibrant, growing business, proud to have earned recognition as a market leader within our arena.

Where we're heading

Today, all sectors are being impacted by digital transformation: the energy business, the building industry, manufacturing and processing industries, water, security, nuclear, defence, etc., to name but a few. Everywhere the challenges related to new technologies are far-reaching. To meet these challenges, our machines, our equipment, our facilities must be smarter, more efficient, and deliver ever-higher performance levels.
This is our mantra.

In a nutshell, Codra's mission is to collect and process a wide variety of data on a very large scale, support efficient decision-making and enable our customers to continuously optimise the operation and maintenance of their facilities. To fulfil this mission, we have a two-pronged development strategy, product-based on one hand - as the developer of the Panorama Suite Platform - and engineering services-based on the other; all underpinned by

Panorama Department
Engineering Department

Founded in 1986 - 100 employees - €14 M in revenue - 2 core businesses

Developer of the Panorama Suite Platform

With an installed base of +40,000 licenses worldwide, a network of +180 certified integrator partners and +600 people trained per year, Codra is positioned as the French leader in Industrial SCADA software. We are proud of the recognition we have earned as an established partner in all major industries and also proud to be in a position to export this know-how internationally.

Our SCADA platform is made up of three independent, combinable and complementary products, so you can collect, centralize, model, harness and analyze every item of operational data to deliver continuous improvement in the operational performance of vital plant and facilities. Forming the genuine backbone of your industrial information system, Panorama Suite is ready to meet the full range of Digital Transformation challenges ahead of our ciustomers, whether for Smart Buildings, Connected Cities or Industry 4.0 applications.

Specialist in IT Engineering Services

Codra has forged its know-how from the very outset in services demanding very specific skills in highly technical sectors such as embedded and real-time systems, critical applications, scientific computing, test systems and other complex automation and instrumentation & control projects. The tougher the project, the more we have to prove and the more we feel in our element!

The trust placed in us over many years by our customers and partners alike, is testimony to the quality of our deliverables and to our unwavering commitment to the success of their projects. In close collaboration and synergy with the Panorama division, our Engineering division focuses on bespoke projects. Its positioning makes it a unique asset in the overall value chain that we address with our customers.

Ambition - Commitment – Sustainability

  • Unlock the potential that lies dormant in each of us. Grow together to push back our limits. Make everyone excel - customers, integrators, partners - in their specialties and businesses.
  • To be worthy of your trust. Through the quality of our work and by delivering on our every commitment. The satisfaction of our customers is not negotiable.
  • Tomorrow is built on stable, robust foundations, with systems that have to be sustainable yet flexible, secure yet open. Reconciling such diverse requirements is a challenge Codra has been addressing every day for over 30 years.
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