From Electricity, through Oil & Gas and on to Renewables, Codra operates in all sectors of the energy business. Whether in operations, production, transmission or distribution, Codra’s solutions play a key part in enabling energy professionals to deliver the products and services that fuel our daily lives.


Nowadays electricity permeates every facet of our lives at home, on the move, and in our industrial and business settings. Our ability to produce electricity and make it available at the point of use in a reliable and timely fashion is completely strategic for modern day societies. With the cost-effectiveness of storage still problematic, electricity demands real-time control at each step of its production, transmission and distribution. Hence the smart grid. Panorama solutions are hard at work throughout this value chain – in nuclear power plants or combined cycle gas or bio-pellet plants, for instance, just as in remote production facilities (in the case of renewables). Our solutions are also present in the management of grid equipment and the control of HVDC interconnectors.

Other references

Kepco, RTE, National Grid (GB)


Oil & Gas

The use of oil and gas resources requires a very high level of automation. The corresponding constraints in technical, environmental and safety/security terms are among the most demanding encountered anywhere. Of all the facilities deployed in the sector, offshore platforms are the most critical. And precisely because it has been proven to meet these stringent criteria, the Panorama industrial SCADA solution is deployed all over the world for the operation and management of these very special infrastructures.

Other references

Tracerco , Conoco Phillips , Chevron , Eldfisk oil , Equinor energy AS , Pride


Gas (Transportation & Distribution)

Fossil fuels, still very much a component of our energy mix, remain fundamentally important in our economies. So their transport – mainly by pipeline – from the place of production to the place of consumption is mission critical. Unlike oil, gas is very volatile. Its transportation conditions must therefore be constantly managed and the gas regularly repressurized so that it can be properly transferred to its destination. Codra, with the Panorama Suite, is proud to participate in the control of both the transmission networks and the compression / decompression systems present throughout the network of pipelines.

Other references

National Grid Gas (UK)



Across wind and solar farms alike, Panorama is implemented for the supervisory control of renewable energy production units. The platform is also used to calculate maintenance, operation and performance indicators. In the specific case of hydro power, the Panorama SCADA platform is deployed on production plants throughout France for the monitoring and control of the turbine systems. A hypervision application has even been built up dynamically from the local SCADA instances.

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