Panorama Warranty Agreement

Computer technologies are improving, hardware is evolving, vulnerabilities are emerging. In addition to unlimited access to technical support, the Panorama maintenance contract is the ideal way to support these changes and mitigate for uncertainty. Anticipate these rather than waiting for the critical moment, which can sometimes prove costly. And the best way to optimize your system availability is to guard against obsolescence by making regular updates.

High-tech and state-of-the-art

The primary objective of software maintenance is to adapt to the latest changes in technology, hardware, operating systems (OS), PCs and so on. Ultimately, this will translate into increased longevity, sustainability (to many decades) and to performance of the SCADA application or information system. Our technical teams make sure that the latest hot fixes and updates are always available in your dedicated customer space.


IT security

By taking out a maintenance contract for an industrial facility, you will be sure to constantly adapt your protection in line with the evolving IT threats. Vulnerabilities to cyber attacks circulate rapidly among cybercriminal communities and are consequently extensively tested by hackers. Solutions and countermeasures to these, unavoidably require updates to Panorama or other software (TLS, Microsoft, etc.).

solution update

Improvements and new features

The ideal maintenance scenario is the one where you immediately benefit from all the software evolutions, new features, and hot fixes too, where applicable. This is key for instance in the case of your operational functionality, where significant benefits may include the availability of the latest new features, opening up the software to interact with third-party systems, support for the latest version of a standard, etc.

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