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Use a SCADA software platform built to match your needs

Acting as the backbone of your information system, Panorama E2 allows you to collect and process your operating data in a control room and ensure that your installations are managed optimally. At the core of Panorama Suite, this SCADA software will meet all your instrumentation and control needs.
  • BMS
  • cybersecurity


Panorama E2 : A proven, durable and robust solution

Our philosophy is to offer you a software package that adapts your specific requirements. Panorama E2 is a widely deployed supervisory / SCADA solution. We are continuously working on improving the product to support your operational performance improvements. Acclaimed for its rich array of functional capabilities and its robustness, Panorama E2 is ideal for creating customized applications.




Depending on the sector of activity in which Panorama E2 will be deployed, you can adapt the application to your needs to manage your installations. Whether for industrial SCADA, BMS/FM, BIM operation or Unified Control Center, Panorama E2’s strength is its versatility. It’s a multidisciplinary solution designed to meet your real-world requirements.

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Panorama E2 offers wide functional coverage across the world of SCADA and instrumentation and control. It is also a software solution that incorporates many innovations that grow from version to version. Examples of three features that supplement what we offer:

Hypervision Security

The extension dedicated to safety/security. It combines your subsystems (VMS, access control, fire detection, etc.) with your BMS/FM within a single application. This gives you a 360° view of your building and/or installation.

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BIM operations

The extension to combine the power of the BIM repository (3D model and BOM) with your Panorama SCADA system.  Take advantage of a 3D and real-time experience in the operation of your buildings.

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The SCADA application available in your pocket! Discover a new user experience in the world of SCADA; access the information and messages you need to manage your business – at any time.

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Local, Cloud, Edge

Which architecture is for you?

Whether your applications are simple or more advanced, Panorama E2 can be implemented within different types of architecture without impacting their functional coverage.

  • Single workstation or client-server,
  • local  or Cloud infrastructure,
  • or Edge-to-Cloud, …

Which is the solution for you?

In addition, Panorama E2 gives you such creative freedom!
Whether you are an operator, supervisor or manager, you can adapt your SCADA to suit your business and your uses. You are free to create and reuse all or part of your applications.

Your business, your application


Create your applications in total freedom.
Design your HMIs and your interfaces to reflect the reality of your business and your installations. Our design tools can meet all your requirements in terms of UI/UX!

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Focus on Panorama E2’s essential features to create applications perfectly integrated to your field communications environment

Protocol interoperability

Create vendor-independent SCADA applications. Regardless of your field communication protocols, its simple to interface your PLCs and your connected objects with Panorama E2.

Advanced alarm management

Monitor the current status of your equipment in real time and keep track of these events and their progress: Display, History, Counting (summary), Printing, On-call management…

On-call and messaging

In order to be able to react quickly in the event of alerts / alarms on your installation: the messaging functions (SMS, Mail, Notification) and voice interfaces (VoIP) can be swiftly implemented and be of great help in terms of systems monitoring.

Human Machine Interface

Manage your installations with efficient ergonomic I&C interfaces.
Use your SCADA interfaces to match your operational needs, whether they be via a desktop, web or mobile HMI.

Your safety depends on ours

Strengthen the security of your installations

Panorama E2 is the first SCADA certified and qualified by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI). This recognition is a guarantee of the robustness of our SCADA system but also the guarantee of Codra’s competency in and commitment to industrial cybersecurity.

They place their trust in us

The Panorama E2 software is able to bring the world of automation closer to the world of information technology. That's something that is difficult to achieve and that's why the Codra offer appealed to us as the operator of the transport network.
Keolis | SCADA Project
Because we have a complex architecture, we went with a robust, future-proof industrial software (...). It was important to opt for a scalable software solution combined with a friendly graphic interface necessary given the wide use that we’ll be making of Panorama's Geo SCADA function.
VNF | SCADA Project


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