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Panorama E2 is a powerful software platform designed for all management functions. Production control and tracking, building and facility management, infrastructure management and installation security are just some examples of suitable applications. A scalable SCADA solution, Panorama E2 can be used with both small applications (around a hundred variables) as well as deployed on much larger ones (several million variables).

Recognized for its rich array of functional capabilities, the Panorama Industrial SCADA solution has proven itself in numerous applications. Examples range from managing simple and traditional installations to controlling complex, high-security industrial and scientific facilities. This SCADA solution can be adapted to the specific requirements of different industries (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, food, oil and gas, energy, water and the environment), as well as to the demands of infrastructure operators (buildings, infrastructures, transportation). Panorama E2 acts as a cornerstone for industrial information systems, collecting, processing and distributing data within a company.


4 good reasons to choose Panorama E2:
- Total design freedom
- Cybersecurity
- Open design
- Panorama Mobile
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  • digit-1-darkTotal design freedom
    Create your applications in total freedom and without limits to meet the needs of your operational management and your operators. Adapt them to your industry and your ways of working. HMI design, creation of generic industry-specific components instantiated to match your requirements, and base them on the structure of your installation geographically or functionally. Work according to your needs and operational constraints, and the architecture design will follow naturally.
  • digit-2-darkCybersecurity
    Benefit from the latest cybersecurity functions designed in collaboration with the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), and through ongoing discussions with the French government working group on cybersecurity for industrial systems. Protect your most critical applications with the help of native functions for confidentiality (encryption), integrity and authenticity control.
  • digit-3-darkOpen design
    Add interoperability to your SCADA applications. Plugs-in and user classes allow easy interfacing of any third-party system with your Panorama SCADA. To go even further, you can also use your regular configuration tools to edit your Panorama applications. Although a conventional design studio, Panorama Studio is not proprietary thanks to an Open API called Persist.

  • digit-4-darkPanorama Mobile
    Your management applications in your pocket. A new user experience in the world of SCADA, available on Android & iOS.
    Whether you are an operator, team leader or production manager, access the information you need at any time: process/equipment real-time visualization & control, alarms and notifications, geolocation & QR codes, on-call management, performance monitoring & KPI.
    Unleash your productivity!
"A robust solution and technical expertise that exceeded all of our expectations."
Yannick Todaro - Qatargas

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