SCADA & Industrial Information Systems

What is Panorama SCADA ?

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Two core businesses, one way of doing things

In addition to being the developer of the Panorama Suite Platform, with over 40,000 licenses deployed worldwide, Codra has established a proud reputation for applying the same meticulous, customer-centered and agile approach to its software engineering business. For more than 30 years, we have devoted our business, along with our partners, to the automation, computerization and now the digital transformation of our customers.


Discover many practical applications in different areas of activity SCADA / Hypervision & Engineering Projects in Scientific and Technical Industrial Computing.

The Panorama Platform

Forming the genuine backbone of your industrial information system, the Panorama Suite platform is where all of your operating data converges and is processed. Unify all of your data from automation systems, IoT objects, IT systems, etc., into a single SCADA / Hypervision application. Create bespoke applications or harness your data directly in Panorama’s expert modules.

Software Engineering

Codra has forged its know-how from the very outset in services demanding very specific skills in highly technical sectors such as embedded and real-time systems, critical applications, scientific computing, test systems and other complex automation and instrumentation & control projects. The tougher the project, the more we have to prove and the more we feel in our element!

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