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From data collection to performance optimization.
A digital nerve center for industrial information systems, discover all the power of the Panorama products in a single platform. Buildings, infrastructure, production systems – all these installations generate large data flows that need to be processed and analyzed. From point of measurement to decision-making, Panorama Suite allows you to harness all of your operational data and much more.

A software platform designed to meet the challenges of digital transformation.
Smart buildings, connected cities and Industry 4.0 – each area of activity has its own challenges and constraints. Despite these differences, the principles of SCADA and Hypervision can be applied to all of them, allowing you to harness the full potential of the Panorama SCADA platform. Collect and centralize data from many different hardware sources and protocols. Design applications and model processes. Control and operate production systems. Analyze and optimize installations to improve operational performance without compromising cybersecurity.


3 good reasons to choose Panorama Suite :
- A proven digital platform : +30 years in business, +40,000 licenses worldwide, +250 certified integrators.
- Easy to use and flexible.
- Three standalone, combinable and complementary software packages in a single design suite Learn more
  • digit-1-darkA proven digital platform designed to improve performance.
    Over 30 years in business, over 40,000 licenses worldwide, over 250 certified integrators.
  • digit-2-darkEasy to use and flexible.
    No programming skills required. Native open design to third-party systems. Modular technical architectures.
  • digit-3-darkThree standalone, combinable and complementary software packages in a single design suite. A platform that can be adapted to your needs and provides real solutions to cybersecurity issues.

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