Collect your data independently

Smart communication

Free yourself from communication constraints and accelerate your digital transformation

Telemetry, energy efficiency, equipment management, connected objects, facility operations, control system interoperability… all these activities have one thing in common: converging disparate data flows (OT, IT, IoT) in a communication front end which guarantees your independence across hardware and software layers!

  • IOT
  • Automation
  • Telemetry
  • independance

A stand-alone front end

Panorama COM, a widely proven communication front end

Combine your data flows and communication channels within an intelligent, fully configurable, standardized and secure software solution.
Disparate existing channels, heterogeneous protocols, scattered installations, freeing you to choose your equipment: PLCs, RTUs, connected objects…

Apply intelligence from the moment of acquisition

In addition to managing many communication protocols to address the challenges of Remote Management, Smart-Building, Industry 4.0  or safety-security,  Panorama COM has a series of native functions that facilitate application implementation and participate in enhancing your data:

Multiple communications interfaces

to respond to the different technical infrastructures available (IP, Serial, SMS, VoIP, Modem, etc.)

Transparent management

of the means of communication and automatic monitoring of links whatever the protocol being used

Data is time stamped

at source for protocols that support it


one or more alerts to on-call personnel in the event of a malfunction

Optimise your operation

What sectors are involved?
Panorama Com

Panorama Studio IDE

How do I combine automation, remote management and IoT?

Like the other solutions in the Panorama Suite, the implementation of Panorama COM does not require IT development skills. Automation engineers, just like IT engineers, will be able to use all the functions which are configured in the Panorama Studio IDE.

Panorama COM, in particular, is composed of an interface for exchanges between communicating systems, in hardware as well as upper layers such as SCADA software.

Autonomy and intelligence
Both locally and remotely, it is necessary to: Acquire real-time data from sometimes heterogeneous local equipment. Read/write remote management data from remote, geographically distributed or isolated sites. Optimize the number of “communication gateways” to reduce network traffic, network communication costs and data inconsistencies
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Located as close as possible to the equipment, Panorama COM knows how to interrogate remote PLCs or refresh values in accordance with time settings. It can also display measurements and calculations resulting from configurable formulas and report its status to higher software layers, in accordance with OPC DA, OPC UA and SNMP protocols in particular.
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Panorama COM incorporates certain security principles that have enabled Panorama E2 SCADA to obtain CSPN and ANSSI certification in, for example, confidentiality, authentication and the authorization of users and applications.
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unlimited interoperability

Discover the specific protocols where Panorama demonstrates its full power

The IEC 61850 Standard

The native implementation of IEC 61850 in Panorama helps to strengthen our customers’ capabilities in Energy Management Systems (EMS) and provides versatility in the operation of “high voltage” electrical installations (on-call, technical management, access control).


The BACnet protocol

Is THE standard widely used in BMS/CTM systems for buildings and infrastructures to control subsystems such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.). This protocol has now become an international standard.


The Internet of Things (IoT)

Brings together technologies. The IoT encompasses all connected objects called SIMless (without a SIM card). These are sensors that store, analyse and communicate very large volumes of data via a low-speed computer network, over short or long distances.



This technology makes it possible to collect data and remotely control operational installations which are distributed over a given territory, generally in the water sector. Panorama COM is widely deployed in this sector (domestic water, distribution, sanitation, development).


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