Panorama COM – Communication front end

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Panorama COM is a smart, standalone communication front-end, supporting a wide range of real-time, IoT and telemetry data acquisition protocols. Free yourself from communication constraints and opt for independence between hardware and software layers.

A multiprotocol and multichannel acquisition gateway, this communication solution is part of the Panorama Suite digital platform. Its purpose is to unify exchanges of data from all types of sensors, PLCs and connected objects with higher-level software solutions, such as Panorama E2 for industrial management and Panorama H2 for the historian component. Panorama COM is also compatible with other management software. Using this communication gateway will reduce the complexity and therefore the cost of operating and managing your data flows. Group your different data flows and communication channels together by using open, standardized and secure protocols. Say goodbye to multiple types of hardware and operating system software!


3 good reasons to choose Panorama COM
- Local or remote user management
- Various communication protocols already available
- A smart, standalone solution Learn more
  • digit-1-darkAcquire real-time data from on-site devices locally or read/write telemetry data from remote, geographically dispersed or isolated sites. Optimize the number of "communication gateways" to reduce network traffic, network communication costs and data inconsistencies.
  • digit-2-darkCommunication protocols already available:
    Industrial: SNMP, local Modbus, BACnet, IEC 61850
    Telemetry: remote Modbus, Ijinus, PERAX, Sofrel, WIT
    IoT: LoRaWan, Sigfox, MQTT
  • digit-3-darkA smart, standalone solution, Panorama COM can interrogate remote PLCs or refresh values at given time intervals. It can also present measurements and calculations produced from configurable formulas, and relay its status to higher software layers using protocols such as OPC DA, OPC UA, SNMP, etc.

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