Our Panorama product experts are true specialists in SCADA, the SCADA environment and its challenges. Their know-how will be invaluable to you in guiding and maximizing the success of your project. Whether you are an end user, a future user of the Panorama SCADA applications, or an integrator in search of excellence, you can call on a Panorama expert.

The success of any SCADA project or industrial information system is dependent on the quality with which its development is done. While compliance with technical and functional requirements is of paramount importance and remains the objective of all projects undertaken with Panorama, ease of implementation also depends on how an application is constructed and implemented. In addition to their in-depth understanding of the Panorama platform, our Panorama experts are all highly skilled engineers with recognized expertise in industrial computing. We are totally committed to the success of your project, and our experts are there to support you through to the successful implementation of every Panorama SCADA project.

You are the specialists in your business, we are the SCADA specialists

Safeguarding the design of your application

Do you want to be sure that your project gets off to a good start from the very outset? And that your specifications are fully in line with your objectives, plus all of your requirements can all be done? Ask for some assistance of a Panorama expert.

Drawing on their extensive experience, they will help you to identify and articulate your needs, both technical and functional, for the implementation and use of your SCADA solution. Are you also keen to be supported in designing system architectures that will ensure the best availability of your plant or facility? Need help with the structural design of your Panorama SCADA applications? Whatever you are looking for, our team of experts are here to help you find the right answers for your project.

At Codra, our objective has always been to guarantee the best possible integration of Panorama products into their target setting, taking your environment, contexts of use and operational constraints into account. Having established that as a firm undertaking on our part, we decided to go one step further. Panorama experts will work with you to produce Proof Of Concepts (POCs) in order to validate particular functional or technical aspects, whenever necessary, before their implementation.

Harnessing best practices

When you develop a SCADA solution, it is particularly important to define the simplest and most efficient application structure possible. The maintainability and scalability of the application depend on this.

It is also important to identify how to make components and functions “generic”. Many Panorama objects have already been developed and new ones are regularly added to each new release. The use of generic components or functions is a guarantee that you will be able to make full use of all the power of Panorama. As well as benefiting from all the advantages of its “Object” orientation: fast instantiation of models, simplified management of the data volumes involved in large applications, etc.

The design quality, and therefore the architectural quality, of a Panorama application, is crucial to the success of the SCADA project. This is because it contributes significantly to the robustness, performance and the long-term operability of the application.

Committed to your success

Codra offers its expert services through each successive phase in the implementation of a SCADA project:

In the pre-project phase: An expert will assist you in establishing and conveying your technical needs, in defining your architecture and mapping out the structural design of the Panorama application, to guarantee you the best possible design to manage the constraints of your industrial information system. In addition, the experts can also carry out POCs (Proofs Of Concept) to validate certain aspects of the project.

In the development phase: An expert will assist you in the technical implementation: verifying the configuration of the application, helping to build scripts, developing specific functions to meet specific business needs, assisting in platform validation, etc.

In operation: Our experts will help you to evolve your application and guide you through the process of upgrading your systems. They will promote your use of new functionalities, adaptations to IT security enhancements, revamping of your facilities, as well as assisting you with specific audits where necessary to help you make the right decisions.

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