Unified Control Center, an integrated SCADA Solution

Panorama a unique operating support system

A Unified Control Center application gives you a 360° view of your building, infrastructure or installation. Dynamically and instantly correlate your operating data with information from your third-party systems to enhance your monitoring, anticipation and decision-making capabilities. The Unified Control Center solution in the Panorama suite enables you to address the various safety and security issues within a single platform.

Gain greater analytical capacity and responsiveness with a centralised system

Bring your business systems together

Correlate your operating data with information from your third-party systems in a single application.
Panorama is compatible with industry-standard drivers and technologies.

Visualise your entire infrastructure

Give your operators a global view of the different systems and equipment on the ground.
Converge your business systems: CCTV, access control, intercom, video intercom, intrusion detection, etc. with your FM/BMS/BIM.

Reinforce your security systems

Panorama Unified Control Center helps operators in their daily tasks to :
• be alerted at any time in the event of a malfunction or intrusion,
• optimising analytical skills and responsiveness,
• facilitate on-call and maintenance operations,
• anticipate failures,
• create reaction scenarios involving several systems,
• consolidate and compare operating information,
• optimise operating costs without eliminating equipment.

The benefits of Panorama Unified Control Center


Maintain total independence from the systems and equipment in your fleet.
With Panorama and its expert module, you are free to choose which suppliers you want to work with.


The Panorama platform is natively designed to interface with third-party systems. These may be from the world of safety and security (CCTV, access control, fire or intrusion detection, etc.) or with other systems that could be hosted by your information system (ERP, SIEM, SIG, CMMS, etc.).


Your integrated SCADA system needs to be protected too!
When you choose Panorama, you’re choosing a robust, tried-and-tested solution that benefits from a continuous cyber-improvement process overseen in close collaboration with the ANSSI, the the French National Cybersecurity Agency.

Choosing the Panorama solution means choosing a Unified Control Center solution that provides simplified, unified management of the safety and security of your infrastructure.


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