Codra’s historical solution

Panorama P² is Codra’s historical solution, and is now only available to historical customers.
If you have new projects, Codra invites you to discover Panorama E2, the industrial supervision platform that has succeeded P2.

Note to historical customers and integrators:

Codra will end Panorama P2 maintenance on December 31, 2027.

The P2 maintenance shutdown is the latest stage in a process that began in 2004, when the E2 platform was released. Back then, Codra chose to develop a new platform rather than simply a new P2 version. Why? Because Codra wanted to put the concept of object at the heart of the platform, rather than considering it as a simple additional feature. This choice has paid off: E2 is an even more durable, robust and easy-to-use platform than P2.

Codra can help you evolve from P2 to E2, its successor. You just have to contact your dedicated sales manager, who will set a tailor-made support. Codra has specific tools for migrating your applications from P2 to E2.

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