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Our core business? Software manufacturer. Codra develops and distributes the Panorama suite. The job of our integrator partners is to provide, not only professional know-how but also the functional expertise needed to successfully deliver the projects of our joint customers.

It is this complementarity of skills that contributes to the success of our customers’ projects in industry, energy, infrastructure and construction. Why should you join the Panorama community and its dynamic ecosystem of over 300 partners?


By joining the Panorama integrators ecosystem, you will be able to build a relationship of trust with us while taking on exciting technological challenges. As part of the Integrator Partner programme, you will also benefit from key competitive advantages:

As a family business, independent of major groups, Codra is the manufacturer of the Panorama SCADA platform. Designed to help tackle the major challenges of digital transformation and energy transition, the platform is aimed at all sectors of activity where automation is a factor.
Codra invests continuously and massively in its R&D in order to offer you high-quality products whose functional coverage is enriched with each version. With 3 independent, combinable and complementary software packages, you will be in a position to implement a wide variety of SCADA projects!
It is important for an integrator to deliver high-performance applications with the best balance between cost, quality and delivery time, and our teams know this. To this end, they design open and fully configurable products, built on the Object model and with a high capacity for interoperability.
Ever since 1986, Codra has been placing its SCADA experience gained in multiple sectors, including building, industry, transport, infrastructure, energy and water, at the service of its ecosystem. Designed to last, the upward compatibility of our products is guaranteed for each successive version.
Because we originated in an acutely sensitive sector, Codra has long been aware of the importance of cybersecurity. Our software products are therefore natively developed with cybersecurity mechanisms to protect against malware. This is why Panorama became the first SCADA platform to be certified and qualified by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI).
With a strong regional presence, Codra's sales, technical and marketing teams respond daily to the operational needs of customers and partners. Particular emphasis is placed on our support in order to build together a lasting and profitable relationship for all.


Whether you are an end-customer and need an integrator partner to support your digital transformation or an integrator ready to join our partner ecosystem, discover our certification programmes: Panorama Integrator Agreement (CIP – “Contrat Intégrateur Panorama”).

The REGISTERED programme

This first level of certification allows a new integrator partner to find out all about the tools in the Panorama software suite. A trial version of the products is made available as well as business development support.

This programme is eligible outside the area where Codra is present directly or through a distributor.

The ENROLLED programme

This second level gives integrators full access to Panorama development tools, training and technical resources. This certification is designed to give integrators all the tools they need to deliver quality projects.

The CERTIFIED programme

This level of certification is awarded to companies that have several people trained and certified on the latest versions of Panorama. These integrators benefit from a privileged relationship with our technical teams and have accumulated extensive experience with us. They can therefore offer robust skills and handle the implementation of large-scale SCADA projects.

The PLATINIUM programme

Codra offers a premium level of certification called ‘Platinium’. This is reserved for the most accomplished integrators in the ecosystem. These partner companies are highly recommended to Codra customers. Their skills in implementing Panorama products are regularly audited by our experts. They are therefore equipped with the most advanced know-how in the implementation of SCADA projects with the Panorama platform. They are capable of catering to the most demanding customer requirements and implementing the most complex projects.


Joining the Panorama ecosystem of certified integrators puts you on the path to recognition where your expertise and the potential to undertake many exciting Supervisory/SCADA, Data Historian and MES projects!

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