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Panorama a cyber first SCADA Software

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In recent years, the number of cyberattacks has drastically increased and with threat actors refining their techniques, companies IT and OT infrastructures are far more likely to be disrupted. Some recent cyberattacks have made some unfortunate companies household names, as the impact of these cyberattacks were felt far beyond their business. Defending against cyberattacks becomes an important ongoing process.
The challenges of digital transformation are at the same time at the heart of each project. And by nature, it requires more open and interconnected systems. It is called interoperability. Unfortunately, that also introduce potential points of attack in IT and OT architectures. Because of this, there is a responsibility to protect people, assets and business.

In this sense, Codra considers that it is vital to preserve the integrity of your information system and to protect your business against potentially critical operational losses. To strengthen the security of your installations, you can rely on Panorama, a robust SCADA solution Certified and Qualified by the French cybersecurity agency.

A certified SCADA system to control your facilities

For industrial SCADA, BMS/FM, or Hypervision, Panorama E2’s strength is its versatility. It’s a multidisciplinary solution designed to meet your real-world requirements. Our software solution incorporates many innovations that grow from version to version.

This data platform is built to respond to your needs:

  • Secure your assets
  • Optimize your assets performance
  • Boost your productivity
  • Save your operating costs

Whatever your sector of activity: building management, transportation, water management, energy efficiency, industrial automation, … the aim of Panorama is to offer you a software package that fits to your specific requirements.

To improve the productivity and quality of your products or services, system interoperability has become a main challenge. This open principle must not jeopardise your installations and data. That’s why cybersecurity is key to Codra’s product strategy.

Codra roots are in critical national infrastructures. Our teams are made aware of IT security issues on a daily basis. Thanks to our sustainable and secure solution, we continue to work alongside our customers regardless of their activity sector.

I need a cyber-secured SCADA

cybersecurity matter

The guarantee of a robust SCADA system

To focus about our cyber strategy, Panorama is the first SCADA platform that is both certified and qualified by the French government’s cyber agency called ANSSI:

  • Certified means that the product has passed third party cyber stress tests
  • Qualified means that Codra’s internal development processes have also been validated by ANSSI.

How does this benefit you?

Panorama is proven to contain native features and mechanisms that participate to actively protect assets and processes from cyberattacks.
In addition, we run a computer security incident response team – CSIRT who are on hand for immediate help should it be required. We make life easier to implement both OT and IT security policies.

Using a software such as Panorama allows you to:

  • Build SCADA applications that include native security mechanisms,
  • Improve your defence in depth,
  • Reduce your risk of vulnerabilities,
  • Achieve better protection.

Codra provides a practical solution that is easy to implement in your environment and is accessible to a wide range of people. No need to be a highly qualified IT engineer!

Cybersecurity is a long-term commitment by Codra and our involvement goes far beyond the product itself. It also involves research and development processes, applications, customer support, as well as training.
At CODRA, we are a cyber first company.

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