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Interview of Sébastien Lachaise, Head of International Sales

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Head of International sales at Codra, Sebastien Lachaise explains in a short video the new Codra’s partner program. He answers why Codra decided to modernize this new partner program and how Codra is whiling to offer to the customers and partners: strong support, a close relationship and commitment.
Discover the interview led by Estelle Bertin, Partner Manager at Codra.

What is the business model of Codra?

Family owned French company, Codra is the manufacturer of the Panorama Suite software platform, since more than 35 years. Panorama Suite is designed to provide users with a comprehensive and integrated solution for SCADA, HMI and any real time data acquisition processing.

With an installed base of over 60,000 licenses worldwide, Codra is recognized for the quality of its software solutions. The company, independent of major groups, can support partners with a strong proven product cybersecurity oriented!

While Codra is working with an ecosystem of more than 250 System Integrators that implement the Panorama applications, our company is accelerating worldwide. Therefore, we are looking to strengthened our Partners’ network: Distributors and also System Integrators.

To do so, Codra developed a new partner program.

Why Codra modernize its partner program Panorama?

There are several reasons for the modernization of this program.
Currently, we are partnering with more than 250 system integrators and the previous partner program was not enough adapted to our ecosystem and business development strategy.

Moreover, the growth of Codra in the international market over the last 12 months also required us to review this program. We are looking for a new type of partner: Distributors.

It happens we are increasing our Distributors partnership in many countries at the moment – the previous program was not suitable for them.

To conclude on this point, it will be quite easy now, for a partner, to enter the program and to start to work with an innovative software platform.

How is the new Partner Program structured?

The program is now divided in two parts: system integrators and distributors.

The first part is dedicated for system integrators.
In the System Integrator structure, Codra has invented 4 different levels which are called: Registered, Enrolled, Certified and Platinum. The aim is to offer an attractive partnership to our ecosystem with value propositions according to each level of commitment.

partner program
partner program
partner program
partner program

The second part is designed for distributors.
Codra is strongly looking to develop this kind of partnership in new territories and find new partners all over the world. This is why, Codra includes in the distributor scheme, unique benefits and advantages that will help our team and our partners to work in a collaborative approach.

partner program

How WILL this partner program be rolled out?

This new program is the result of an extensive internal work based on:

  • Company strategy
  • Partners feedback
  • Business ambition

Codra’s team know that offering a best in class product is not always enough. Customers and partners are also looking for a strong support, a close relationship and company commitment. We clearly understand these challenges and we are ready to support our ecosystem.
This is why Codra is very confident about the success of this new Partner Program.

Do you have a word of conclusion?

To conclude, Codra have partners in many countries but still have “free zones” that the team planned to develop according to our business development strategy.
There are many opportunities for those looking for an alternative solution to their actual software provider. Codra is independent, can supported partners with a strong proven product and is cybersecurity oriented!

If you would like to know more, Codra invites you to discover the full programme or to contact our teams directly and discuss about partnership opportunities!

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