How Panorama is creating value in Rail Industry?

A scalable solution that meets the evolving needs of the rail industry.

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As urbanization and population growth continue, rail industry has to accommodate increasing passenger and freight demands.
Operation and maintaining infrastructure of rail networks represent a significant challenge to ensure the security of people and the safety of equipment. The rail sector must keep pace with technological advancements to remain competitive and improve passenger experience. With a SCADA system, players can offer more efficient and integrated management of the rail network, improving safety, operational efficiency, and passenger satisfaction. It also helps anticipate potential issues, make informed decisions, and maximize the performance of the sector.

How and why Panorama is a valuable tool for Rail Industry business?

A software solution to operate rail’s infrastructure

With its Panorama Suite platform, Codra supports market players on numerous projects of systems that monitor energy, control and maintain facilities of the rail network. For example, operators can manage fire safety and security of passengers with CCTV panic buttons and visual displays on Panorama applications.

Panorama SCADA software is used in a wide variety of applications for the rail industry (ticketing systems, access control, HVAC, VMS etc.)
Still on the operational side, with centralized management systems from Panorama platform, the rail industry can track and maintain all of critical assets, including rolling stock, infrastructure and equipment. Thanks to the Panorama solutions, teams can reduce downtime and maintenance costs while increasing reliability and longevity of assets. At every step of the way, Panorama’s Intuitive interface and customizable dashboards keep in control and optimize processes. By choosing the right technology, managers can reduce the time spent in developing the project and spend more time focusing on the needs and requirements.

Did you know that Codra is relied upon for powering Britain’s rail network?

Codra supports one of the UK’s major rail players named Network Rail that operates the rail network of the United Kingdom. The network covers the traction power, signaling and telecommunications of the UK’s Rail infrastructure. The system implemented, a single national SCADA network base on the Panorama platform, serves to control traction power and electrical distribution across the nationwide UK rail network. Did you want a SCADA platform that works seamlessly for your rail operation? Trust on Panorama’ solutions and get in touch with Codra’s team available to respond to your needs.

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Data analytics with Panorama platform to optimize processes

Panorama’s Powerful Analytics provides comprehensive data insights and reports that helping to make informed decisions and optimize operations and processes. With customizable KPIs and advanced analytics, teams will be able to spot trends and identify areas of improvement as soon as they happen. Panorama solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with all of existing systems and technologies and showing smooth communication and data exchange between all applications. The open architecture and rich array of connectivity options on the platform makes it easy to connect with other systems and create a truly integrated real ecosystem.
Like an iceberg, the Data Historian solution of Panorama has an invisible and visible component: the hidden part collects and archives raw data in a database, while the visible part harnesses and analyzes this data to extract its value.
You can focus on energy performance, productivity gains, or any other KPI. The choice is yours!

A robust SCADA with cybersecurity capabilities

Related to the fact that Codra has prioritized the cybersecurity of industrial systems in its product development and management strategy, the Panorama platform offers a scalable and digital transformation tool with cybersecurity and safety capabilities. Codra has been awarded the ANSSI qualification for the Panorama Software Suite.

How does this benefit you?

This recognition by the French government Cybersecurity Agency is a guarantee that the software is robust and suitable for use in government and for critical national infrastructure. Using Panorama software therefore allows to create SCADA applications that include security and securing mechanisms. This enables you to improve your defense in depth, reduce your risk of vulnerabilities, and achieve better protection.

With 35 years of experience, Codra’s solutions are recognized secure, robust and suitable for all application needs and respond to many projects for big and small companies in the industry. Codra can help you to implement a powerful, scalable solution that meets the evolving needs of the rail industry.

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