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The SCADA market has been in turmoil for several months now and is experiencing a rather unprecedented situation. Codra has been contacted by numerous customer partners and integrators following the compulsory liquidation of Elutions SAS (based in France). They have informed us that this situation is jeopardising the future of their Wizcon and ControlMaestro installations.

In this context, end customers have asked us about 3 specific issues:

  • Codra’s compliance with French tax and social security regulations,
  • Panorama’s functional coverage compared to Wizcon & ControlMaestro,
  • The ability of Codra and its network of integrators to modernize their proprietary parameterization (synoptics, alarms, etc.) in Panorama.

Codra responded positively to all three questions. Indeed, our company has long been known as a sustainable business, based on mutual trust with its ecosystem.

Who is Codra?

Codra is an independent, financially strong, family-owned French SME. As a software manufacturer, Codra has been working for almost 40 years with both CAC40 companies and local SMEs in France. The Codra Group is also strengthening its presence in Europe, Africa and Asia by investing heavily in its export development.

A specialist publisher of industrial software solutions, Codra carries out all its R&D in France and owns 100% of its solution. With multi-year investment plans, Codra regularly upgrades its Panorama software suite.

Why use the Panorama supervision platform?

Choosing a proven, long-term solution such as Panorama means:

  • Taking advantage of an independent solution that is not tied to an integrated solutions provider,
  • Benefit from local technical support provided by the publisher itself,
  • Using an ANSSI-certified solution to address cybersecurity issues,
  • Benefit from a long-term solution. Codra has made firm commitments for more than 15 years on the maintenance and upgrades of Panorama Suite for players in the energy and nuclear sectors,
  • Rely on a network of qualified integrators and distributors.

How can you modernise your application quickly and easily?

By offering to modernise your application in Panorama, Codra is meeting two important criterias:

  • Helping you to ensure your applications and maintain your installation
  • Give you the long-term benefits of a tried and tested solution.

To achieve this, Panorama R&D has developed an automatic, industrial application modernisation tool that uses the following parameters:

  • Acquisition mechanisms,
  • Graphic display (2D synoptics),
  • Alarm management,
  • Trends.

Tests carried out by our customers on their application configuration (BMS, Oil & Gas) have shown an interoperability rate of over 90%.

Codra is therefore in a position to provide support, on a case-by-case basis, to any company facing these problems.

Having a licensing mode adapted to your installation

Codra also offers a licensing mode tailored to your applications. The Panorama digital platform is well known for its ability to adapt to complex installations, but it is also suitable for more modest ones. The Panorama Essential package is designed for single-user installations of BMS, HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System), and so on.

This type of licence allows you to:

  • Operate a simple architecture: 10,000 variables maximum, consisting of a Panorama E2 server and a web GUI,
  • Full functional coverage,
  • Save time when placing orders, setting parameters (object principle) and deploying (no heavy client to administer and install).
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