Codra exhibits at SIDO 2023 in Lyon

Interoperability and cybersecurity through a SCADA platform

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SIDO 2023

The emergence of new technologies such as AI, IoT and XR is revolutionising the way we do things, then we talk about digital transformation. By combining human creativity with so-called intelligent technologies, they are opening up unprecedented opportunities for efficiency, personalisation and innovation. However, they also raise major challenges in terms of security and data protection.
SIDO brings together all the players with an interest in the digitalization of processes: tech solution providers, industrial groups, research laboratories and local authorities. It is the key event for the convergence of new technologies.
That’s why Codra is exhibiting at SIDO 2023 to help you meet the challenges of digital transformation with its Panorama Suite SCADA platform.

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SIDO 2023
20 & 21 september
at la Cité internationale in Lyon

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Converging data within a secure, interoperable digital platform

The integration of technologies such as AI, IoT and Robotics through the digitization of processes offers numerous advantages for a large number of business sectors: Industry 4.0, Smart Buildings, Urban Mobility and Airport of the Future.
As the needs and uses of each type of sector vary, operators may need to use several operational systems. This raises the question of how to interconnect different third-party systems and converge all the data collected towards Hypervision in the most intelligent and secure way as possible.

Interoperability: benefit from a single control and monitoring system

As industrial processes undergo technological change, interoperability is essential to facilitate compatibility and cooperation between different software, systems and materials from different suppliers.
Interoperability refers to the ability of different systems to interact and exchange data and information without encountering major obstacles. In the field of SCADA, it contributes to more efficient, safer and more flexible management operations, while fostering continuous innovation and adaptation to the industry’s ever-changing challenges.

Panorama’s SCADA software has the advantage of being able to converge all data from different software and APIs into a single, open and independent of manufacturers platform. The Panorama SCADA collects data not only from PLCs but also from IoT objects and third-party systems. Regardless of the communication protocols (BACnet, OPC-UA, Modbus, etc.) used, the Panorama solution interconnects with your various field equipment and other specific software. Heterogeneous information flows from “specific” applications are centralised in the Panorama software platform, known as the hypervisor.  This provides operators with a global interface to the operation of installations, giving them a 360° view of a site or building. Operators can therefore rely on a single tool to view all the information and link it together to make fast, effective decisions.

To keep pace with the increasing digitalisation of processes, the Panorama platform enables you to upgrade your installations by easily integrating new field equipment. Codra’s teams are at your disposal to help you with your digital transformation.

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Cybersecurity: a crucial issue in data exploitation

Interoperability means increasingly connected industrial systems. This openness creates vulnerabilities and security risks if the appropriate precautions are not taken. It is important to put in place robust security measures to protect your infrastructure against cyber-attacks. Are you ready to protect your systems?Codra is committed to supporting you by making data security a continuous process in its product development strategy. Indeed, Codra’s team pay attention to IT security on a daily basis because cyber security is part of the company’s DNA. In fact, Panorama software is the first SCADA to be CSPN certified and qualified by ANSSI, the French government agency of cybersecurity.
In addition, it is important to keep abreast of the latest developments and best practices in security in order to keep up to date with emerging threats. That’s why Codra provides you with regularly updated security bulletins via the CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) Panorama.
In practical terms, this means that your infrastructures will remain available and functional, preventing malicious cyber-attacks as far as possible. It also gives operators peace of mind to ensure continuity of service. To protect your data, choose a robust platform and benefit from:

  • a government-recommended solution
  • SCADA software to help secure your information system
  • a digital platform capable of withstanding cyber-attacks based on the context of use and a defined threat level

Cybersecurity is the cornerstone of a successful digital transformation. By opting for Panorama Suite, you are choosing an open, interoperable and secure SCADA platform to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0 and the Smart City.

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