Codra exhibits at Transrail connection 2023

A SCADA platform for a safe and a sustainable transport

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Trans'rail connexion 2023

In a constantly changing global context, rail transport and urban mobility are facing a number of major challenges. The safety of passengers, staff and infrastructure remains a major concern, as does passenger comfort. To achieve this, the digitalisation of processes is a key area of expertise. Adopting new digital technologies improves operational efficiency, traffic management and the passenger experience. Operators are also looking for more intelligent systems capable of optimising technical installations and resource consumption to meet the challenges of the energy transition.
Transrail connection 2023 is THE innovation event for the rail industry and mobility. This exhibition brings together transport operators, infrastructure managers, equipment manufacturers and equipment suppliers to work together to build intelligent, economical and safe networks. Codra exhibits at this event to help rail industry managers and operators meet the challenges of digital transformation, safety/security and energy efficiency with its Panorama software platform.

Meet us the 27 & 28th of Septembre 2023
Paris – Station F
booth CODRA n°36

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Ensuring the safety of goods and people

In rail and urban transport, personal safety aims to minimise the risk of accidents and incidents for passengers, employees and other network users.
This includes the installation of safety devices on trains, metros and trams, such as emergency brakes, speed control systems, automatic platform doors, etc. Regular upkeep and maintenance of the infrastructure are also essential to achieving this objective. With this in mind, the Panorama digital platform provides invaluable assistance to teams on the ground in the real-time management and maintenance of installations, and enables them to react immediately in the event of a problem or fault on the network, in a station or at a station. It’s a real decision-making tool.

What’s more, the software can be interconnected with a number of third-party systems that help to ensure the safety of people and property, such as a CCTV, ticketing management software or fire detection systems. The interoperability of the tool means you gain in efficiency thanks to a centralised view of your various surveillance systems. This transforms your scada into a true digital control tower, also known as safety/security hypervision. Panorama gives you a 360° view of the various components of the rail network, enabling real-time monitoring of trains in motion, signalling equipment and electrical substations, for example.

As well as network security, at CODRA we also take cybersecurity into account to protect your IT systems from cyber-attacks and thus avoid an operational stoppage or a major accident. Panorama E2 is certified and qualified by ANSSI, a guarantee of reliability and robustness. By choosing the Panorama solution, you are choosing a SCADA system recommended by the French government, enabling you to create supervision applications that natively incorporate security mechanisms.
The reliability and robustness of the Panorama platform provide a secure tool that contributes to the safety of the IT network, ensuring continuity of service on a daily basis.

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Support the sector in its energy transition

Rail transport and urban mobility must continue to reduce their carbon footprint, even though they already represent a sustainable transport solution compared with more polluting modes of transport such as aviation or road transport. The energy transition is a crucial step for the sector to combat climate change and reduce its environmental impact. Several solutions can be put in place to better manage and reduce the use of energy resources.
The Panorama software platform is one of the ways in which train, metro and tramway operators can optimise the energy performance of their infrastructure. The Panorama SCADA system interfaces with all field equipment to collect, analyse and store large quantities of data on the performance of the rail or urban network. The data is then analysed to identify opportunities for industrial energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption. Using a single federated tool, operators will be able to monitor the energy performance of their infrastructure in real time and at a later date, and take corrective action to improve it.

To take things a step further, use the Data Historian offer of Panorama to implement a step-by-step energy performance strategy as follows:

  1. Transforming data into information
  2. Detect behavioural anomalies
  3. Build indicators and automate monitoring
  4. Implement your energy policy

Panorama Suite plays a key role in decarbonising urban and rail transport by enabling more efficient energy management, reduced emissions and overall optimisation of operations. Are you ready to reduce your energy consumption?

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