Codra exhibits at IBS 2023 : Intelligent Building Systems

A software platform to meet the challenges of Smart Building

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IBS 2023

The challenges of Smart Building are numerous and cover a wide range of aspects, from energy efficiency to improving the experience of occupants. To meet these challenges, IBS is the trade show for the performance of commercial, industrial and public buildings. It brings together solutions and new trends to link energy performance, sustainability and data protection for a better future for buildings and cities.
With this in mind, Codra is taking part in IBS 2023 to help you take control of your intelligent building and the Smart City with its Panorama SCADA platform. With a single BMS/FM application, you can smartly collect, control and analyse data from your equipment (lighting, utilities, HVAC, lifts, access control, etc.) for optimised, responsible operation that serves building users and the ecological transition. To take building operation even further, come and discover Panorama’s BIM Operation offer.

Meet Codra teams on 17 & 18 October 2023
IBS 2023
Paris Porte de Versailles
Booth CODRA n°G5 

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“Building as a service” : a BIM Operation solution by Panorama

The building sector continues to evolve to meet the ambitions of Smart Building.

This concept of intelligent building integrates digital solutions and advanced technological devices such as IoT and AI into the design, construction, operation and management of buildings. Its main objective is to improve operational efficiency, occupant comfort and energy efficiency while using innovative technologies.

In this context, Codra has developed a business solution: BIM Operations. A true digital twin of a physical building, BIM Operations ushers in the era of “Building as a Service”. From a fixed construction, the building becomes a dynamic structure.

To achieve this, the BIM approach aims to reconcile construction and operation. Bringing these two worlds together means bringing together the various trades around a single 3D digital model that brings together and structures the various elements to be taken into account in a building: civil engineering, HVAC, electricity, etc. This model will thus be useful for the operation of the building throughout its life cycle.

The Panorama platform makes this repository available by combining structural and contextual information with dynamic data. All this information is fed into a single platform, enabling the entire building to be used in a unified way. This means that building managers can make the most of their buildings over the long term.

Panorama solutions for operations and facility management!

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Join Codra teams on booth G5 at the “Parc des Expositions of Paris – Porte de Versailles” on 17 & 18 October, see you there!

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