Codra exhibits at World Nuclear Exhibition, WNE 2023

Panorama command and control platform for the nuclear industry

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WNE 2023

In 2023, the nuclear sector faces a number of major challenges. Firstly, a country like France is committed to reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and increasing the share of renewable energies in its energy mix. The future role of nuclear power is therefore at the centre of discussions as part of the energy transition.
On the other hand, the safety of nuclear installations remains a major concern. Nuclear power plants must maintain high safety and security standards to minimise the risk of incidents. To help actors in the sector meet these challenges, the WNE (World Nuclear Exhibition) will bring together decision-makers, institutions and companies in the civil nuclear sector to discuss the latest technologies and innovations.
Codra, a member of GIFEN, will be present on the French Pavilion to present the latest features of the Panorama SCADA platform and work together to meet the challenges of safety and security, low carbon and digital transformation.

Meet Codra’s team from 28 to 30 november 2023
WNE 2023
Paris-Nord Villepinte
Booth P4 on the French Pavilion

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Responding to the entire nuclear value chain

Nuclear power is the birthplace of Panorama software. With over 35 years’ experience, Codra has developed cutting-edge technological know-how and now enjoys established recognition in this historic sector of activity for the company.

From uranium mining to the command and control of nuclear power plants or EPRs, not forgetting waste storage and recycling, the supervision platform covers all the needs of the nuclear value chain. In addition to real-time control, Panorama is a genuine tool for operational support, monitoring and technical management of buildings, covering all the activities involved in the fuel cycle, nuclear production and reprocessing.

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Cybersecurity and nuclear power

Codra has been working with players in the nuclear industry for several decades. That’s why our teams are able to respond to your various needs and meet your challenges by providing long-term, robust and secure solutions.
With extensive experience in “sensitive” SCADA projects, our teams have always paid close attention to IT security: it’s in our DNA. Codra has defined the cybersecurity of industrial systems as a priority in its product development strategy, and the Panorama software is in fact the first SCADA to be qualified by the ANSSI.

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Focus success story : ANDRA, storage of radioactive waste

Andra, the underground research laboratory located in Bure (55), is primarily responsible to implement management solutions for the radioactive waste produced in France in order to guarantee the protection of the population and the environment.
Since 2007, the site relies on Panorama software to safeguard the personnel and facilities with a hypervision system. This global solution has been set up to collect information from a multitude of local applications on three levels:

  • The surface level: control of BMS, EWM, access control, video surveillance and geolocation,
  • Mobiles: supervised continuously two access shafts consisting of a freight elevator and two passenger elevators,
  • The Underground level: the SCADA system devoted to these galleries controls numerous equipments and devices.

Acting as an operational link between the surface and the underground levels, the Command Post is equipped with around ten HMIs, making it a veritable control tower.

Panorama is a robust and proven SCADA platform that is supporting Andra in its innovative projects. One of the objectives is to avoid human errors that could degrade the level of performance required for safety. Indeed, the scientific research site hosts up to 380 postings every day. The staff must be able to count on a reliable and secure tool.

You will also benefit from a decision-making tool for monitoring and controlling complex industrial processes.

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