Panorama E2 version 2022 is CSPN certified

ANSSI certification: a major asset in your Cyber Security approach

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A breach in the security of a SCADA system can have serious consequences for the safety of people, the environment and material assets. Consequently, cybersecurity must be an absolute priority for organisations using these solutions. Threats and attack techniques are constantly evolving, so it is essential to keep up to date with best practice in systems security.
For all these reasons, Codra is delighted to share the excellent news that the ANSSI certification for Panorama E2 version 2022 has been successfully renewed, extending its validity for the next three years.

Why is this certification significant for you?

ANSSI certification is a major asset in your Cyber Security posture. As a trusted supplier to various operators of vital importance (OIVs) and operators of essential services (OSEs), ANSSI certification stands as a cornerstone of Codra’s unwavering commitment to cyber security. Our dedicated teams have always prioritized IT security, and it’s an integral part of our DNA.

Unlock the benefits of Panorama software that empowers you to:

  • Create SCADA applications fortified with advanced security features,
  • Enhance defence-in-depth, fortifying every sub-assembly of your system, not just its periphery,
  • Minimize vulnerabilities in your installations and bolster overall protection.

For in-depth insights into our certification, please visit the official ANSSI website at:

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What’s on the horizon?

The certification procedures for Panorama Suite 2023 are currently in progress, encompassing Panorama E2 (supervision/SCADA) and Panorama H2 (Data Historian). Additionally, ANSSI is in the process of renewing the Qualification obtained in 2020. Codra’s dedicated team is always available to address any inquiries or provide further information. We are here to support you. Please feel free to contact us for any assistance you may require.

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Thank you for choosing Codra as your trusted partner in cybersecurity.

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