Codra exhibits at INDUMATION 2024 trade fair in Belgium

SCADA, digital transformation and energy optimisation

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Indumation 2024

As in many industrialised countries, the Belgian industrial sector is facing a number of challenges. Industry 4.0 is one of them, with the aim of increasing the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of manufacturers. However, all these industrial performance objectives must also take into account environmental considerations. Increasingly, manufacturers are having to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and adopt more sustainable practices through the use of clean technologies, reduced energy consumption and waste management.
To meet these challenges while remaining competitive, manufacturers are turning to innovative solutions to implement emerging technologies and modernise their processes.
With this in mind, every two years the leading industrial automation event in the Benelux is held. The INDUMATION exhibition brings together all industry professionals and public sector to present the technological solutions of tomorrow.
Codra exhibits at this event to provide you with concrete answers on the subjects of digital transformation, process optimisation and energy performance.

Meet Codra
from 31 January to 2 February 2024
CODRA stand n°132 – HALL 1

A scalable and cyber-secure SCADA platform

In the industrial process sector, it is important to have access to real-time information, whether for monitoring production, energy consumption or equipment status.

To achieve this, operators need to have access to ergonomic, user-oriented control applications. These user-friendly interfaces make it easy to get to grips with the software and navigate effectively through the different views. From an operational point of view, the ergonomics of the applications help to:

  • quickly detect potential problems, such as breakdowns or downtime,
  • identify maintenance requirements at an early stage
  • encourage rapid decision-making, etc.

This usability approach is one of the pillars of Codra’s product roadmap, enabling you to create high-performance Panorama applications tailored to each business need.
This is made possible by a constantly evolving supervision platform. Panorama’s architecture facilitates upgrades thanks to its flexibility and modularity.

Year after year, each new version of Panorama enhances the functionality of the product. The advances that accompany these new features pave the way for new uses and improvements to existing functions.
Codra has always placed upward compatibility at the heart of its strategy and year after year increases its investment in R&D to enable even more developments.
In this way, Codra can help you optimize your operations and remain competitive in the market while reducing the risk of vulnerabilities in your installations.
Cyber security is also one of the founding pillars of Codra’s strategy. Our teams have always paid attention to IT security: it’s in our DNA. In addition, Codra recently renewed the CSPN certification for Panorama E2 version 2022 issued by ANSSI.

Controlling energy consumption with Panorama’s Historian

In the industrial sector, the collection of production data such as flow rate, valve position, temperature and pressure offer the opportunity to analyse processes and make them more efficient. This approach aims to increase operational efficiency by reducing downtime and maintenance, minimising anomalies, and also optimising production performance (calculating overall equipment downtime, for example).

Indumation 2024

Use Panorama software to harness your data and turn it into actionable information to help you achieve your goals and identify new opportunities. By opting for a proven solution, you can concentrate more on analysing concrete results.

With Panorama’s Data Historian, you can make full use of your field data and detect deviations in the behaviour of your installations.
What’s more, its data reports can support your energy efficiency initiatives. Panorama H2 reporting allows you to create simplified, user-friendly analysis interfaces for consulting pre-existing reports, creating other media by drag & drop and sharing them with different teams.
Codra and its Panorama platform enable you to implement an energy policy that makes full use of the data from your facilities.

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