Codra exhibits at AccesSecurity 2024 in Marseille, France

Enhance your cyber security and safety with Panorama, a centralised SCADA solution

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AccesSecurity 2024

According to the COJO (Olympic Games Organising Committee), the risk of cyberthreats will increase tenfold during the competition. A figure that illustrates the growing importance of cybersecurity in the security and safety challenges facing businesses. Cybersecurity and safety-security are more connected than ever, requiring companies to take an integrated approach to overall security.

Against this backdrop, AccesSecurity brings together decision-makers, users and specifiers of security solutions. Codra is taking part with its Panorama security and safety hypervision solution. The aim is to offer you a unified vision and centralised control of the various systems and equipment in the field, with a cyber by design approach.

Meet teams Codra
At the palais des Congrès et des Expositions – Marseille Chanot in France
 6 & 7 march 2024
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cyber security: an essential part of the physical protection of your facilities

Neglecting good cyber practices can compromise the safety of people and property.
For over 35 years, Codra has opted for a cyber by design strategy. Cyber security is at the heart of product development. With in-depth experience in ‘sensitive’ SCADA projects, all our teams are rigorous in their day-to-day approach to IT security.

Our recent renewal of CSPN certification for our Panorama E2 version 2022 product and the award of Panorama E2 version 2022 SP1 qualification by ANSSI, the French national agency for information systems security, bear witness to this.
This demonstrates our determination to help you with your day-to-day IT security issues.

When you choose Panorama, you’re putting your trust in a government-recommended SCADA system that helps secure industrial and technical information systems.

Panorama, a global view of your safety and security systems

Over the last five years, companies have considerably increased their security equipment: CCTV, public address systems, access control, etc. A global view of this equipment is needed to make the most of it.
With a centralised Hypervision application, Codra gives you a 360° view of your building, infrastructure or installation. In this way, you will be able to correlate your operating data with that of your third-party systems. This unified solution enables you to strengthen your monitoring, anticipation and decision-making capabilities. Critical infrastructure and industry, museums, national defence, prisons and smart buildings – there are a wide range of applications.

With a unified Hypervision system, you can bring together BMS/CMS/DCIM and your surveillance, intrusion detection or fire detection systems to give you a global view of your equipment on the ground.

On 6 & 7 March, AccesSecurity will be bringing together information systems security managers, IT service managers, IT decision-makers, as well as safety-security managers, operations managers and officers from the Ministries of the Interior, to work together to contribute to an era of security driven by innovation and anticipation.

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