Codra exhibits at Global Industrie 2024 in Paris

A 100% made in france offer to meet the objectives of a low-carbon industry

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Global Industrie 2024

Decarbonisation is the key issue at Global Industrie 2024. Greenhouse gas emissions from the industrial sector have fallen by 6.4% by 2022. This figure, from the latest report by the High Council for the Climate, shows that there is still some way to go before we reach the European targets: carbon neutrality by 2050 and a 55% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030.

Codra is present on stand 5W173 – Hall 5A to help you optimise your operational and energy performance. Our platform, developed entirely in France, will enable you to make the most of your facilities while complying with current low-carbon regulations. 

Meet our team
from 25 to 28 March 2024
At Paris Nord Villepinte

stand CODRA 5W173 – Hall 5A

Complementary solutions: SCADA & MES for a green industry

To help you in your drive to reduce energy consumption, Codra provides industrial actors with a robust, interoperable and future-proof SCADA platform. From monitoring to decision-making, our SCADA solution will support the various stakeholders (operators, site managers and integrators) to simplify their daily work.

Optimise the operational and energy efficiency of your facilities with an analysis, monitoring and operating tool.
Data from your field equipment is fed back into Panorama so you can monitor performance and be alerted to deviations in consumption, of water and energy for example. This data can then be used to build indicators and create customised reports in your application. You can then correlate the information with each other and on different periods.

These analyses will help you to:

  • provide feedback,
  • optimise the operation of your facilities,
  • develop synergies between the various players involved in the issues at stake.

If you would like to find out how Panorama can be used in practice to meet the challenges of energy performance, click here:

Panorama H2 Utilities

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MES software also plays a key role in the transition to a more sustainable industry. MES enables companies to optimise their performance and centralise the data they need to make decisions, while better managing company resources.
By controlling the execution and flexibility of processes, MES software enables manufacturers to “switch from one product to another” without jeopardising the information system: from traditional products to organic products (agri-food); from internal combustion vehicles to hybrid vehicles (automotive), and so on.

MES can also be used to achieve a number of other objectives linked to sustainable industry:

  • Moving towards zero paper thanks to product traceability and genealogy
  • Production planning for a precise view of resource availability
  • Quality control to limit rejects

So, thanks to MES, the transition effort for manufacturers is reduced: they have greater control over all production-related costs, thereby increasing their competitiveness while optimising their environmental impact.

MES: your plant before and after COOX implementation

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With the recent integration of COOX MES software into its product portfolio, Codra is confirming its desire to offer a French product independent of the major PLC manufacturers and North American software publishers.

Join us in decarbonising industry by taking part in the Global Industrie adventure!

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