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Certification BACnet BTL

Can the components of a building (air conditioning systems, lighting sensors, etc.) speak a common language? This is precisely what the standardised BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks) protocol offers. It is designed to enable interoperable communications between the various equipment and systems in a building.

How does this protocol facilitate synchronisation between devices? This is where BACnet BTL (BACnet Testing Laboratories) certification comes in, to guarantee rigorous compliance with the protocol and the use of compatible software.

CODRA is committed to supporting Smart City companies, and has obtained BTL certification for Panorama Suite 2022 SP1. Issued by an independent laboratory, this certification demonstrates the robustness and reliability of Panorama based solutions. It also confirms the native integration of the BACnet protocol into the SCADA platform.

CODRA is also an active member of the BACnet International and BACnet France associations, demonstrating its significant commitment to advancing the field of smart building.

Why use a BACnet BTL software?

BTL certification plays an essential role in the adoption and interoperability of building management systems. It helps to facilitate connections in the building sector.

For a BMS solution like Panorama, which implements the BACnet protocol, this certification provides 4 quality guarantees:

  • Interoperability:

The BTL-certified Panorama product has been tested to ensure effective interaction between BACnet equipment and PLCs from different manufacturers. This reduces uncertainty about potential incompatibilities between existing and/or future systems and ensures that there are no restrictions on access or implementation.

  • Risk reduction:

Companies reduce the risk of non-compatibility between the SCADA system and BACnet equipment. The various tests carried out minimise the risk of misinterpretation of BACnet specifications.

  • Compliance:

The SCADA software is developed in accordance with rigorous standards to meet the specifications of the BACnet communication standard. This ensures that Panorama correctly understands the data and commands exchanged with other BACnet equipment, reducing the risk of incompatibility.

  • Recognition:

CODRA and its network of partners are recognised players in the building sector. This certification is a guarantee of quality, but also proof of compatibility with other BACnet equipment.

The aim of the BTL programme is to guarantee the interoperability, conformity and quality of products using the BACnet communication standard in the field of building automation.
Choosing a BACnet BTL-certified platform like Panorama is a guarantee of robustness and reliability. This proactive approach promotes interoperability. Ultimately, it facilitates the implementation of building control and management systems.

What are the advantages of the BACnet protocol?

This protocol enables equipment from different manufacturers to communicate with each other in a standardised way. It is a way of facilitating the integration of various components within a building control system.
It is essential for SCADA software to be able to communicate natively with the various field devices. This makes it possible to benefit from all the advantages offered by the BACnet communication protocol:

  • Optimised integration:

Panorama SCADA software includes a reference application containing BACnet components and a generic application. These enable you to process your field equipment in Panorama quickly and efficiently.

  • Proactive systems management:

The Panorama solution is able to monitor and control various parameters and devices within an infrastructure, enabling proactive management of systems. Thanks to Panorama’s native BACnet protocol, users can adjust equipment parameters in real time to maximise operational efficiency. This includes adjusting HVAC systems, lighting and other devices to meet the specific needs of the building.

  • Durability/scalability:

The scalability of the BACnet standard, coupled with that of the Panorama platform, means that it can readily be adapted to the growing needs of an installation. New features and upgrades can be incorporated over time without compromising the stability of the system.

The implementation of the BACnet protocol in Panorama software offers a range of features and benefits that make Panorama a reliable tool for BMS.

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