CODRA exhibits at Pan African Data Centres 2024

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Pan African Data centres 2024

The development of data centres in Africa poses a number of major challenges: access to energy, connectivity, the availability of specialist expertise, data security and the costs associated with these infrastructures.
Pan African Data Centres 2024 exhibition represents an important opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions around these vital issues for the continent. The key challenge is to find ways to establish and manage sustainable infrastructures for efficient data centres across Africa.

With an office in South Africa, CODRA supports local players in their Smart City and Industry 4.0 challenges with its Panorama SCADA platform.
CODRA will be on stand B9 to present its BMS/FM, DCIM and Integrated SCADA solutions. With Panorama, find out how to optimise your installations for more efficient Data Centres, while maintaining their security and resilience.

Meet us
July 16 & 17 2024
At Johannesburg – Sandton Convention Centre

stand CODRA n°B9

A SCADA platform for secure and efficient data centres

In many parts of Africa, power cuts and power supply instability are a major challenge for data centres. They depend on an uninterrupted power supply to operate efficiently. To counter these problems, the use of a SCADA platform enables real-time monitoring of generators and other backup power sources, ensuring uninterrupted operation of facilities.

Data security is another key concern for data centres, especially in regions where cybercrime is on the increase. On the strength of its experience in so-called ‘sensitive’ SCADA projects, CODRA offers a SCADA system that has been approved by the French authorities for its robustness in terms of information systems security. This solution enhances data security, reducing the risk of vulnerability and ensuring optimum protection of sensitive information.

In addition, the high energy consumption of data centres represents a financial and environmental challenge. By using Panorama SCADA software, the energy consumption of these facilities can be accurately monitored. This enables operators to view detailed information to optimise costs and reduce environmental impact. This approach is part of a sustainable approach, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of data centres.

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