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How to improve management through better system integration?

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systèmes de sécurité

Over the past fifteen years or so, building security has become increasingly digitalized.  Today, there is a plethora of connected security systems: digital cameras, access control, fire alarms and more. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to manage and control all the installed systems using a single platform. It is crucial for operators to have an overview of all their systems, particularly at a time when Integrated SCADA solutions are developing. A platform like the one developed by CODRA can help you meet these challenges.

Integration of systems IN A SCADA PLATFORM

The Panorama E2 SCADA platform can integrate a large variety of safety devices into your SCADA application. To do this, it is necessary to overcome the first difficulty: communications. Each manufacturer develops its own communications protocols.

To overcome this problem, Codra offers two solutions:

  • The security pack: this pack enables native integration of the 3 leading VMS on the market (Genetec, Milestone, Geutebrück). To integrate these VMS, simply use objects linked to the VMS functionalities using Panorama Studio, Panorama E2’s development environment.
  • Integration of specific objects: our expert teams develop custom connectors to implement safety systems in a SCADA application. As a long-standing player in the field of SCADA, Codra has a large number of specific objects already developed for customers’ projects.

Please find below a list of safety systems that can be integrated into the Panorama E2 SCADA platform. Once a system’s objects have been added, the SCADA application can:

  • Receive information from these devices: operating status, alarms, notifications, etc.
  • Remotely control system.

To give more context, CODRA has associated each piece of system functionality with the way in which current Panorama E2 customers use them. The list is not exhaustive, and CODRA can adapt to each customer’s project.

Systems of video surveillance

Panorama integrates the various video surveillance systems present throughout the building (floors, ground floor, basement, car parks).

Cameras :

  • stream display to the HMI (Human Machine Interface) of a SCADA application, stream-by-stream control including PTZ (Pan, Zoom, Tilt), snapshots, etc.

Video wall:

  • displaying the wall in an application GUI, control the wall stream-by-stream (start / stop camera feeds), retrieve text information (camera names), etc.


  • display camera feeds and current status in the application, VMS alarm integration with the application.
systèmes de sécurité
Systèmes de sécurité

Systems of access control

Panorama integrates the various access control systems present throughout the building (floors, first floor, basement).


  • status of communication links (call in progress, line fault), control (call acceptance, call termination), etc.

Door control system:

  • status of zones (presence of alarms, faults) and equipment.

Fire alarm:

  • management (acknowledgment), etc.

Physical access:

  • equipment status, control, event tracking, etc.

Systems of car park management

Panorama integrates the systems used specifically in car parks, as well as their associated IT solutions.

Input and output terminals:

  • paper level (ticket or receipt printing), component status (reader, door, barrier), barrier position (high, low), etc.

Cash desk:

  • mode (manual, automatic), cash and coin dispenser status (present, absent), component status (reader, printer), communication status (yes, no), etc.

Pedestrian reader:

  • component status, communication status (yes, no), etc.


  • status (on, off), control (answer, end), etc.


  • condition of arm (unhooking, breakage), control (opening, closing, commissioning, decommissioning), presence of vehicle, etc.
Systèmes de sécurité

By integrating all your security systems together, you’ll be able to quickly scrutinize your information and react more easily and effectively. The time has come to stop using individual systems: there is no longer a need for a multiplicity of platforms, Panorama E2 aggregates all the information needed to manage an infrastructure. The integration of these systems. By integrating these systems, we can move beyond simple SCADA to Integrated SCADA solutions for safety and security. These hypervision approaches will also benefit other building operators, such as maintainers, users and owners: BMS and security / safety are fields that are bound closer together in the coming years.

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