Our institutional business partners

These Institutional and professional associations support us to promote our technological excellence around the world.


Major U.K companies and institutions in the UK have chosen Codra over the ten last years, such as National Grid, Network Rail, London Underground, National Grid Gas, Drax Power, AWE, EDF UK, Bank of England, Betfair…
In order to go increase its presence on the U.K market and to go further with our trustee customers by proofs of excellence, Codra Software has been qualified to integrate Achilles’s UVDB (Utility Vendor DataBase) since 2019 after 10 months of a complete validation process.
Achilles is the well-known central purchasing for industrial buyers that guarantees and provides its clients with a list of pre-selected suppliers according to pre-established criteria.
Amongst other things, it assures buyers that Codra Software is economically sustainable, has a trusty and reliable ethic, and has a fully suitable European purchasing process.
This is the best proof of full transparency from Codra as an Industrial software manufacturer, a certified training, and project expertise & consultancy company in the U.K.

UDVB qualification


The Nuclear AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Center) works with UK manufacturers of all sizes to help them be successful in the nuclear sector and other challenging industries. Codra is working closely with the Nuclear AMRC's digital engineering team to help smaller businesses integrate systems and data in innovative ways, and to develop new applications based on the Panorama Suite platform.
As part of its tier two membership, Codra provides its Panorama Suite platform, along with support, training and innovative design ideas.

Nuclear AMRC


FSACCI (French South Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry) support French companies as Codra to promote reciprocal trade between France & South Africa.



The French Chamber offers a unique network and services to support companies as Codra to establish and grow in the UK



Recognised as the voice of the supply chain, BECBC brings people together to do business in Energy's sector. Codra brings its expertise to reduce risk and ensure the success of any project we work on. We are convinced our SCADA product fits perfectly to Britain’s energy market, local industries and state-owned entities can hugely benefit from a Panorama based solution.



ANSSI is the French National Cybersecurity Agency.
Codra has been awarded ANSSI Qualification for the SCADA part of its Panorama software platform for product robustness and manufacturer’s commitment.

Cybersecurity is a fascinating and highly scientific field spanning a range of disciplines and involving a wealth of organisations and actors, from both the public sector and the business world, within France and internationally.

Protect your projects in the best possible ways: that is why Codra has been involved with ANSSI since 5 years.

Partenaire cybersécurité : l'ANSSI - Cybersecurity partner : ANSSI


Proavia is the French Airport and ATC Technology Trade Association. Panorama platform is well kown in airport sector for APOC SCADA systems (Airport Operations Center) & control air traffic management. Created in 1976 under the initiative of the Technical department of French Directorate of Civil Aviation as the official representative for the French companies involved in civil aviation and airport development overseas, Codra is an official partner of PROAVIA to provide proven solutions for BMS/FM, Baggage handling, landing strip lighting, radar monitoring and many others areas…



Aerospace Valley is the most significant innovation “pôle de compétitivité” in France in the fields of aeronautics, space and embedded systems. Codra supports these sectors for several years by offering a highly proven and scalable SCADA platform.
Aerospace Valley represents around 1/3 of the French aerospace workforce and 870 members of which Codra and Panorama E² solutions.

Logo Aerospace Valley
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