Panorama E2 – Advanced

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Once you have mastered the basics of Panorama E2, this course will take you deeper into E2 skills and introduce you to new functions.
It is of interest to people who are going to :

  • take part in corrective and evolutionary maintenance,
  • learn how to make applications more reliable (distributed architecture and server failover),
  • increase their knowledge to improve the existing configuration with the implementation of new functionalities.

Duration: 2 days / 14 hours
Available on an inter- and intra-company basis.


This training course is suitable for integrators who will be developing the applications, as well as for operational staff who wish to develop their own applications and carry out maintenance and adjustments to their Panorama applications. This advanced training on Panorama E2 also enables end users to better specify their needs to integrators.

Trainees should :

  • be familiar with the Windows environment and associated tools,
  • have already taken part in the “E2 Training – Basics” course.

Training themes

The training is based on the following major themes :

  • anticipating,
  • connect,
  • optimise,
  • making it reliable.

The full training programme is available at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to learn more about using the Panorama platform, you can also take part in the following training courses:

  • Panorama E2 – Cybersecurity,
  • Panorama E2 – Persist (API),
  • Panorama H2.


  • Panorama E² presentation
  • Acquisition function
  • HMI function: animations and commands
  • Application structure: functional units HMI function: Navigation
  • Supervision
  • User management
  • HMI function: Operating data and control objects
  • Component development
  • Alarms and events function
  • Dynamic persistence
  • Script objects
  • Application deployment
  • Archiving function
  • Data presentation function
  • Tools


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