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Future-proofed management software. Almost 30 years old and counting!
Panorama P² is Codra's legacy industrial management software package. Originally developed in 1990 for the Military Applications Division of the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and very much still in service.
For all new projects, Codra invites you to discover Panorama E2, the new generation industrial SCADA offer.

One of the very first industrial SCADA systems designed for Microsoft Windows environments, P2 was already pioneering for its time, as well as winning plaudits for ease of use. The software was quickly adapted to offer SCADA functions in a wide range of other sectors such as control of industrial production processes, management of utilities (BMS: HVAC, power, cryogenics, etc.) and tertiary activities (FM: lighting, ventilation, fire safety, access control and site protection, etc.), water treatment, incineration, pollution control and test beds.
Still in operation and commercially available, this industrial management software package is now specifically aimed at existing customers who want to keep their legacy installations operational. Panorama P2 is regularly upgraded to seamlessly negotiate major technological milestones (new Windows OS, 64-bit architecture, virtualization, etc.).

For all new projects, Codra invites you to discover Panorama E2, the new generation industrial SCADA offer.

A SCADA solution since 1992

Immortal SCADA platform. Almost 30 years old and counting! Learn more
  • digit-1-darkA legacy SCADA system
    Panorama P2 is Codra's legacy SCADA solution. One of the first French industrial SCADA systems running in a Microsoft Windows environment, Panorama P2 is a perfect example of Codra's philosophy: design solutions made to last.
  • digit-2-darkA SCADA with long-term support (LTS).
    Panorama P2 is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with technological changes such as support for the new Windows OS, 64-bit architecture, virtualization and IT security. As a result, the SCADA applications created 20 or more years ago have a longer life span than the computers on which they are running.
  • digit-3-darkCutting-edge technology since 1994.
    Panorama P2 offers all the features required by a modern SCADA solution: animated mimic diagrams, archiving and event logging, data replay, alarm processing and display, DDE links, Jbus, Ethernet, Efiway, redundancy / distribution and real-time trending.
Windows at your fingertips. Multiple possibilities for viewing every type of data. The ultimate in scalability.
Panorama slogan – ICS | January 1993

Panorama P² legacy references

The latest success stories feature Panorama E², but some date from the Panorama P² era:
- TAHITI (CEA Valduc, 1992): the project that initially used Panorama was migrated to Panorama E² + H² in 2018.
- Nantes drinking water project, initially in P² and extended to E² in 2018.
- The IFA 2000 project, under review to migrate to E² + H².
- Nicolas Feuillatte Champagnes switched from Panorama P² to Panorama E² in 2017.

Other references

Pellegrin Hospital Group , Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne , SIEAMD , SIVOA

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