Codra has joined the Nuclear AMRC

The Nuclear AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) has integrated Codra Software into their partner network

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To help companies be successful in the industrial sector, particularly in the nuclear sector, the Nuclear AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) helps them become more competitive in their markets. The UK government-supported technology innovation centre, now called the Catapult network, has worked since its inception with over 1,000 companies, which advised, on their designs in the industrial sector.
As an Industrial software specialist, Codra Software joins the research centre to help develop new digital engineering tools for manufacturers and site operators.

A tier two membership

Codra Software is an industrial information systems expert in our Panorama Suite SCADA. We are involved in various fields, including industrial and nuclear energy, working with organizations of all sizes; which is why we are providing our expertise to Nuclear AMRC.

By joining the UK research centre as a tier two-member, we will bring this expertise to industrial and nuclear energy companies:

  • Panorama Suite platform provision to Nuclear AMRC
  • Technical support
  • Certified training
  • Innovative design ideas

Hence, this partnership was established by Codra to help improve the skills and know-how of SCADA users in the industry.

Innovation in SCADA

This collaboration will focus on using Panorama Suite to develop data pathways for digital twins, detailed real-time replicas of operational facilities such as power plants or factories. The Nuclear AMRC team will explore innovative ways of integrating these models with virtual and augmented reality technologies to develop new ways of visualizing and understanding information from sensors across a complex installation.
The team will also create technology demonstrators for companies of all sizes, to explore new applications such as condition monitoring and inspection for waste management sites, and improved data collection and analysis for predictive maintenance.

“Technology demonstrators can help manufacturers understand how they can benefit from industrial digital technologies, and serve as a testbed for integrating different software and hardware solutions into systems that meet their requirements” Dr Stephen Marr says.

In brief, our goal to offer you a better user experience, is based upon Panorama Suite 2020. Codra combines with Industrial companies so that they are able successfully participate in markets where need to manage their activity.

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