Panorama Focus – How to harness your operational data?

Benefits of using Panorama Suite to monitor your installations

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When is a real time data platform is needed?
From data collection to performance optimization, our robust and proven software platform offers you a wide choice of interoperable and open micro-services to support your challenges. Every company, in every sector, is impacted by global issues with increasingly strict standards: environmental, health and regulatory.
Codra with its Panorama software platform has as its primary mission to support you in the monitoring and optimisation of your installations and equipment, to simplify your day-to-day operations and thus to be useful to as many people as possible.

Use of Panorama, a real time data platform

Panorama Suite is made up with three independent, combinable and complementary software products, which enable you to address the challenges of your digital transformations:

  • Panorama E2: a SCADA/Hypervision solution to acquire and process your operational data with the aim of optimising your performance.
  • Panorama H2: an Historian and Reporting solution to analyse performance on dashboarding and energy monitoring.
  • Panorama Com: a Communication Front-End to centralise data through protocols and connected objects.

Panorama is a state-of-the-art real time data platform that brings innovation through digital transformation in smart factories, smart buildings and smart infrastructures.
Do you know that Panorama is used in a SIL2 application on Britain’s rail network?
Panorama met all of Network Rail’s key challenges, for securing the electrical systems isolation during maintenance operations in order to protect employees during their field operations (more information on Youtube).
Smart buildings, connected cities, industry 4.0, etc. our sustainable platform has already been widely accepted in many different sectors. Panorama is designed to support our customers in their day-to-day challenges and to always be forward-looking in order to support each development and each innovation.
With more than 60,000 licenses deployed world-wide, there is for sure a Panorama installation close to you: at the heart of French electricity production, managing the water supply in South Africa, improving the energy efficiency or even securing some of the world’s most famous buildings.

With a growing network of partners and distributors, customers have local support to successfully complete their projects, whether for Digital Transformation, or in saving energy and across all market sectors: Industry, Building Management, Water, Transportation, Energy, Defense, Nuclear, etc.

Discover Panorama Suite

Panorama Suite, a modular tool box

We refer to Panorama as a modular toolbox.
What does it mean?
With 3 products on a single platform, you can pick and choose the most relevant functional pieces to build applications in the very best way, all based on proven and cybersecure technology.

Operational data

Our Software Platform offers you the opportunity to combine features, create views, and generate the perfect application suitable for the smallest or even the most ambitious of projects.
Panorama combines the information from the OT network and the IT and IoT networks.

  • Collecting data, displaying it in real time and centralizing the information.
  • Building applications and creating digital representations for field operatives, control room operators, supervisors, and the management team alike.
  • Optimizing these installations for the life of the project.

Panorama Suite comes with powerful data analytic tools for dashboarding and reporting your business data. Panorama H2 can be used to monitor the condition of equipment, the correct functioning of installations and, above all, their energy consumption.

You can manage it all with The Panorama Suite.

Let’s make the difference together

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