Condition based maintenance and cybersecurity maintenance

keeping systems running smoothly and securely

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Condition based maintenance and cybersecurity maintenance are essential in SCADA software to ensure that systems function properly and securely. Condition based maintenance enables operators to avoid unforeseen breakdowns, minimise downtime and maintain the productivity of the systems being monitored. Cybersecurity maintenance, on the other hand, enables systems to be adapted to new threats and to implement preventive measures against computer attacks. With the new Panorama Suite 2023 version, the risks of compromising systems and data are reduced, helping to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Service continuity and SCADA

“Software that doesn’t evolve dies”.

With over 35 years of experience as a software publisher, Codra makes major investments in its R&D every year to ensure the future of your installations. All developments are carried out by our teams in France to guarantee Panorama’s long-term control and maintainability.
Changes to new versions of Panorama are categorised as follows:

  • Innovative modifications: to extend the scope of what is possible, Codra regularly adds new functions to the Panorama suite, expanding your capacity for innovation. BIM Operation, Edge to Service and the Internet of Things are just a few examples. These are just a few examples of how Panorama is responding to new business needs to help you meet the challenges of your digital transformation.
  • Evolutionary modifications: the R&D teams also work on so-called major evolutions, thanks in particular to feedback from users. The aim of these updates and modifications is to modernise and continue to increase the platform’s capabilities while guaranteeing its longevity and that of your installations.
  • Corrective modifications: these come from technical support, the internal validation process or the ecosystem and are used to resolve problems that have arisen during the use of Panorama software. These corrections make it possible to deal with unforeseen problems quickly and to be more responsive to day-to-day incidents.

Cybersecurity: IT security is in our DNA

The notion of cybersecurity, a strategic pillar of the Panorama software package, is integrated into the 3 categories of possible modifications listed above.
The SCADA software incorporates tried-and-tested security mechanisms that are regularly reinforced. These make it possible to implement a defence in depth. Codra’s aim is to provide a solution that meets the requirements of its customers and partners. Codra also provides support and a dedicated technology watch, as well as specific communication with its CSIRT.
Note: firm commitments have been made with major players in the French industry to maintain certification for future versions of Panorama over the long term.


Panorama SCADA remains the first to be certified and then qualified by ANSSI (French government agency)

Note : firm commitments have been made with major players in the French industry to maintain certification for future versions of Panorama over the long term.

Modernisation of internal communication and security mechanisms

Panorama Suite 2023

Panorama’s internal communication mechanisms have also been modernised. This vast project, which may not be visible to end-users, but is fundamental, reinforces the durability of Panorama Suite in a very tangible way, and de facto that of your installations.
To be more precise, an alternative implementation to Microsoft’s inter-machine DCOM flows has been added in this new 2023 version. This makes it possible to replace DCOM with web services (although DCOM can be retained so as not to require an overhaul of the architecture of existing systems). This new mechanism makes the monitoring software independent of the Microsoft Active Directory.

The Codra teams are of course at your disposal for any further information on this subject.

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