Launch of Panorama Suite 2023

A version firmly rooted in operations

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panorama suite 2023

Codra is pleased to announce the release of Panorama Suite 2023. This new version incorporates changes based on user feedback, enabling you to get the most out of your installations.

The supervision platform is evolving not only in terms of functionality but also in terms of usage, durability and cyber security. Discover the 4 major themes of version 2023: Alerting management, ergonomics and implementation, condition based maintenance and cybersecurity maintenance and finally Edge-to-Service.

#1 Alerting, advanced management of your alarms and events

Do you want to quickly detect critical events, anomalies and emergency situations at your facilities? Panorama’s alerting offer meets the needs of remote surveillance. The advanced management of alarms and events is a major asset in ensuring proactive and effective monitoring of your facilities.
Here’s a look at the 5 essential pillars of alerting available in the Panorama software suite :

The alarm window

As part of its ongoing modernisation, the alarm window function has been enhanced. Interaction is more fluid and design is simplified. Our R&D team drew on feedback from Panorama users.

Time programming

Time programming has been given a facelift. It incorporates a new, more ergonomic interface, as well as new concepts such as the use of adaptable models and unified modelling for the various protocols (BACnet, Sofrel, etc.). The parameter setting is simpler, faster and hardware agnostic.

The Human Machine Interface

Panorama HMIs enable you to monitor and control your installations in real-time. Advanced graphic functions enable the creation of ergonomic, intuitive and efficient interfaces. Today, the Desktop and Web HMIs offer identical functional coverage.

The on-call function

Thanks to priority management and transmission media, on-call operators are quickly informed (voice calls by VoIP, SMS, email, fax, etc.) and can react effectively in the event of an emergency.


Panorama has been an OPC-UA DA client and server since 2016. The platform is now strengthening its interoperability, in particular with the integration of an “OPC-UA Alarm & Condition” client. This means that the supervision software can now synchronise with multiple suppliers, both in terms of alarm cycles and safety rules. The platform also incorporates a new ‘OPC-UA Historical Access’ server. This extends the possibilities for extracting and analysing historical data.

Take advantage of the flagship functions available in the Panorama Suite. Strengthen your proactive management and increase your reactivity for a global improvement of your operational processes.

#2 Improving ergonomics and simplifying implementation

More powerful HMIs

For both desktop and web applications, the functional coverage of HMIs is evolving to facilitate the creation of intuitive interfaces. We’re talking here about the user experience. Application parameterisation, management and maintenance are simplified: with a single design tool and common parameterisation, you have just one supervision application to maintain. You can also use the new reference applications (BACnet and remote management) to automatically generate ready-to-use applications.

Enhanced interoperability

More generally, Codra is strengthening the interoperability of the supervision platform. On the one hand, with the inclusion of SAML V2, which makes it possible to delegate authentication to a third party and take advantage of its functions (SSO, double authentication, etc.). Secondly, via the web availability of the BDD viewer function. This enables the content of a third-party database to be accessed and displayed in Panorama.

Overhaul of time scheduling

The modernisation of the Timetable function is the result of extensive feedback from users. Create or modify hundreds of time schedules in just a few clicks, so you can maintain your applications more easily and make your installations more economical and efficient.

#3 Ensuring continuity of service

The future is being prepared today! Market trends show that software that does not evolve will die. That’s why Codra makes major investments in its R&D every year. All developments are carried out in France to ensure continuity of service over the long term. At Codra, there are several types of modification carried out on the Panorama supervision platform:

  • Corrective : Managing day-to-day problems
  • Evolutive : Preparing for the future and guaranteeing sustainability
  • Innovative : Extending the range of possibilities
  • Cybersecurity : Protecting against malicious attacks

After several years in development, Panorama’s internal communication mechanisms have been completely modernised, offering an alternative to DCOM. This vast project, which is not very visible but is fundamental, reinforces in a very concrete way the durability of our platform and therefore that of your installations.

Panorama Suite 2023

#4 Edge to Service: Manage globally, operate locally

The Edge Computing approach has many variations, depending on usage and suppliers. The one supported by Codra is called Edge-To-Service. It is based on a modular, fully secure architecture that enables you to manage your installed base globally and operate your installations locally ! Aimed at all supervision professions, this innovative solution can be deployed in the field in just a few clicks by non-experts and controlled remotely by experts in the field. Find out more about its many benefits.

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