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Thanks to an approach, which is focused on the user experience, our new Panorama Suite 2023 version enhances and modernises the functional coverage of the key components of the supervision platform. Our aim? To enable you to create high-performance, customised applications. This approach more UI/UX oriented is one of the pillars of Codra’s product roadmap.

Monitoring applications designed to your operational needs

The improvements integrated into Panorama Suite 2023 enable users to benefit from the advantages offered by the multi-industry platform. You’ll be able to design effective monitoring applications that are even better adapted to your business needs.

Panorama’s scheduling function has been completely upgraded. It includes new concepts such as the notion of planning, to simplify the management of various time schedules (with recurring, exceptions, adaptable schedule models, etc.). The primary objective is to optimise the maintenance and efficiency of your installations.

The functional coverage of the Desktop and Web HMIs is also evolving. The ability to process large volumes of data has been enhanced in the Web version.
In addition, two new applications (BACnet and remote management) enable you to automatically generate ready-to-use applications from self-discovery of protocols (where these allow) or definition files.

Managing the user’s authentication is a daily challenge. For the release of Panorama Suite 2023, Codra’s teams have worked to increase functional coverage in SAML V2 in order to provide a better user experience. Users can access several applications by identifying themselves only once while maintaining a high level of security.

More details on the modernization of Panorama user components

The redesign of the timetabling function is based on extensive feedback from users. The new interface is more intuitive based on the user-friendliness of the usual office automation tools. It offers finer-grained, more efficient management while retaining its independence from the manufacturer. The integration of new concepts, such as the implementation of adaptable models and unified modelling for the various protocols (BACnet, Sofrel, etc.) also helps to make your supervision tools more effective.

Ergonomic human-machine interfaces (HMIs) have become an essential part of operational performance. Within your Panorama applications, desktop or Web navigation support makes it easier to implement, for example, view history management or the use of a list of commands. What’s more, the scope of Web usage has been extended in this new version, offering improved display performance and greater capacity for processing large volumes of data.

New reference applications have also been integrated. These powerful applications are automatically generated using the auto-discovery functions offered by the BACnet and remote management protocols. Regular updating of the reference applications enhances their functionality, providing a more complete and personalised experience for integrators and end-users alike.


The interoperability of the Panorama supervision platform is one of the strengths of the software solution: our R&D teams have therefore enhanced several technical applications to make life easier for users.

Firstly, double authentication is now possible to access a Panorama application. Improved functional coverage in SAML V2 means that passwords are more secure and authentication management is simpler. IT Departments will appreciate this!

Secondly, the integration of an OPC-UA AC (Alarm&Condition) client enables the alarm cycle of other suppliers (software or hardware) to be synchronised within the application. This function enables the recovery of safety rules from the PLC to the supervision system. Acknowledgement becomes possible in a synchronised way between the supervision and the PLC.

Finally, it is essential to be able to communicate natively without the need for an intermediary gateway in order to benefit from all the advantages offered by communication protocols. This is why the Panorama software package is working to obtain two significant international certifications:

Take full advantage of the enhancements available in Panorama Suite 2023 and design effective monitoring applications tailored to your needs!

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