Panorama focus: How to control your energy consumption?

Panorama H2, a Data Historian for Energy Management

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Collecting, archiving and analyzing your data using an intelligent platform is no longer an option as part of the net zero strategy. Your team needs intuitive, reliable and secure data analytics tool to reduce CO2 emissions from installations. Whether your business is tertiary or manufacturing, optimizing your consumption of energy should be undoubtedly at the forefront of your concerns.
Discover in this customer case the use of the Panorama Historian solution: ‚Äúcontrolling consumption to improve competitiveness & reduce CO2 emissions‚ÄĚ.
With the Panorama Data Historian, discover all the hidden gems contained in your data transition from:
– energy consumption to energy efficiency
– corrective maintenance to preventive maintenance
– operating the process to optimizing the process
– applying regulations to managing compliance

With Panorama platform, build up your knowledge and expertise by analyzing your data!

Qualitative data to optimize processes

In industry, the recording of production data (flow rate, valve position, temperature, pressure, etc.) makes it possible to analyze and optimize processes in order to improve productivity (operating and maintenance times, number of faults or incidents, etc.) and performance (number of units per hour, machine utilization, total downtime, etc.).

With Panorama software, turn your data into your best ally for achieving your objectives and identifying new opportunities. Furthermore, by leveraging a proven solution, you will be free to focus on the results.
But what about yours aims? Are you getting the most out of your data assets?

1. Turn data into knowledge

  • Organise diverse data resources
  • Monitor your consumption in real time
  • Exclude erronious values
  • Start analyzing

In order to save time, boost performance, improve the quality of work and ultimately better organize all stages of production.

2. Detect behavioural discrepancies

  • Create clear overviews
  • Add comment to the graphics
  • Monitor your consumption in real time
  • Raw data visualisation
  • Building a common data repository
  • Set up automatic alert thresholds

Optimise your operating, maintenance and energy costs with Panorama Data Historian solution.

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H2 Data reports to support energy efficiency

Available in Web client or thick client versions, Panorama H2 reporting module allows you to provide your users with simple and ergonomic analytical interfaces. No SQL knowledge is required, as queries are generated automatically behind-the-scenes. Viewing of pre-existing reports, creation of new templates by ‚Äúdrag & drop‚ÄĚ and sharing are core elements of the solution.

Even if a database is smart and optimized, without analytical tools it is of limited use. Powerful exploration and analytical tools are a necessity today. Plus, with Panorama H2 Reporting, you can easily:

– Build indicators, automate monitoring:

  • Understand consumption (water meter, rainwater storage for example)
  • Analyse malfunction, root cause and consequences (overconsumption of drinking water)
  • Harmonise energy demands (upper limit)
  • Estimated pattern (actual measure)
  • Major overconsumption detected

The reporting function being used to view and create pre-formatted reports. These allow an operator or analyst to check on a particular status at a given moment in the form of a published set of results. Non-specialists are able to easily build their own reports and drill-down into the data to refine the initial results by themselves. Everybody can make the right decisions!

– Implement an energy policy:

  • Define a coordinated energy roadmap
  • Alert Threshold
  • Alert in case of drift or anomalies: according to energy type, location, building usage or production activity in order to raise the awareness and involve the teams.

H2 Reporting allows you to view your own KPIs (for equipment, manufacturing lines, installations, etc.) and your alarm statistics in accordance with standards (EEMUA191, ISA 18.2, IEC62682, etc.) and in compliance with your regulatory environment (FDA / 21 CFR Part 11, RT2012, etc.).

Unleash all the power of your data!

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