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Eric Oddoux release, Managing Director of Codra

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Dear Sir or Madam,

The evolving health and safety concerns around COVID-19 are forcing us to adapt. At Codra, we have the organisation in place to deal with this. All of our teams continue to work to ensure business continuity. Please be assured that we are able to meet our customer commitments and to support our partners whilst still maintaining the safety of our employees.

We ask you, where possible, to contact us by email.

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Panorama Training 

For any future training courses we are setting up an e-learning facility to continue with the scheduled training sessions in the coming weeks.

Teleworking conditions and IT security

Teleworking is a proven organisational method for our employees, who have it at their disposal :

  •     24-hour secure access to Codra’s information systems and platforms,
  •     Equipment adapted for teleworking and off-site communication,
  •     The correct set of software tools necessary for the completion of their projects,
  •     A nominative VPN for secure remote access,
  •     Appropriate rights according to profiles and missions,
  •     An employment contract and an IT charter.

Within the framework of this situation, both exceptional and evolving, we will continue to adapt in order to pursue our mission and respond to all of your requests.

As the situation progresses we will continue to adapt and are confident that we can respond to all of your requests.

Best regards,

Eric Oddoux
Managing Director of Codra

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