Webinar video: How to improve efficiency right from the design phase?

4 essential tools to accelerate the construction of Panorama applications

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With the command of the four Panorama tools presented to you in the course of this event, you will be able to improve your productivity right from the design phase!

Find out how to evaluate to what extent your Panorama application is properly designed and implemented. Using concrete examples, we will walk you through a selection of Panorama tools and programs specially designed to help you design, optimize, diagnose and maintain your SCADA applications.


This technical web seminar will present 4 peripheral – but no less essential – tools that will allow you to answer the following questions:

  • What can I do to optimize my process views?
  • How do I efficiently debug my application?
  • How can I diagnose an application while it’s in operation?
  • How can I carry out efficient evolutive maintenance?



  • Chris CoxTechnical & Business Development Manager
  • FrançoisPanorama Expert
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