Webinar video: Standard IEC 61850 ramp-up for I&C systems in the electric power sector

How to apply standard IEC 61850 to your SCADA project

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Still only in its infancy as a standard, IEC 61850 —required for the European market—is gaining more and more traction every day for instrumentation and control in energy installations. In this new webinar, in partnership with the manufacturer Brodersen, we invite you to discover the IEC 61850 standard and how it can be integrated into your SCADA application.

Used for substation protection systems in the electric energy production sector, IEC 61850, generally called standard 61850 is often considered to simply bring together communication protocols. Yet it also offers services, a data structure and project approaches that facilitate the specification and construction of installations. This applies to electric energy production, transmission, and distribution for all electrical installations (wind turbines, photovoltaic installations, conversion installations, high-voltage lines, transformer stations, etc.).

Are you part of the electrical power sector?
If so, this webinar is made for you!



This presentation targets the SCADA systems for the distribution stations of electric power grids and the management of substations. It also covers the various roles in the electric power industry.

This webinar is a collaboration with Brodersen, an equipment manufacturer for the electric power sector. Its equipment complies with IEC standards, including 61850, so an expert in the energy sector is joining us for this webinar.

The technical demo on Panorama E2 will show how IEC 61850 is implemented and its numerous services such as configuration import, specific call-to-action interactions (select before operating, etc.). It will also show the independence of manufacturers and the interoperability of the whole system.


  • Quick presentation of Brodersen and Codra in the energy sector
  • Scope and characteristics of IEC 61850
  • IEC 61850 applied to Panorama: synergies and opportunities
  • Technical demo on Brodersen equipment
  • Conclusion


  • Nils Dilau Sørensen, Brodersen, Engineering Manager
  • Julien, Product Marketing Engineer
  • François, Panorama Expert
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