Codra exhibits at BIM WORLD 2023

BIM Operation by Panorama at the service of your building

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BIM WORLD exhibition is the essential meeting for BIM, BOS and IoT technologies that are revolutioning the world of smart building. This event, which is held alongside the Low-Carbon Solutions exhibition, is aimed for players in the construction, real estate and urban development sectors. As part of the roadmap of the building life cycle value chain, Codra exhibits at BIM WORLD 2023 to support professionals and local authorities in the use of BIM and digital technology.

Exhibition takes place April 5th & 6th 2023
At Paris – Porte de Versailles – France
Meet us on stand F24/G23 – Pavillon 5.2/5.3

Responding together to challenges of digital transformation for smart buildings!

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Combining BMS & BIM for building operations

Costs of a building can be broken down as follows: 25% for the construction part, 75% for the operation, maintenance and demolition part. It is therefore in the interest of the building industry to find new and innovative solutions such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) to optimise their costs. By building we mean all types of construction: tertiary buildings, industrial buildings, data centers, hospitals, etc. Whatever the use of the building, they all need to be optimised in terms of performance, particularly operation, in order to achieve various objectives such as resource management, decarbonisation or user comfort.

To achieve this, Codra offers operators a Panorama BMS/FM solution to collect and analyse all the data from the building’s equipments. Combined with the BIM exploitation offer, the Panorama platform’s editor allows you to go even further in the exploitation of your building. This innovative offer enables a new use of data that comes directly from the BIM repository created during the design of the building and is intended for all the trades.

In the era of “Building as a Service”, BIM Operation by Panorama enables the convergence of the BIM model with business tools such as Building Management System (BMS) and Centralized Technical Management System (CTMS), or even Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).
From the digital model, we obtain a “digital twin” of the building, a real daily tool for operators in the operation and maintenance of installations.


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The benefits of BIM Operation by Panorama

Panorama Real-time Operational BIM will allow you to:

  • access, centralise, contextualise and process BIM repository data in real time for improved equipment operation and maintenance
  • monitor consumption and facilitate energy metering in order to reduce the building’s carbon footprint
  • cross-reference fixed data with dynamic data for better space management and user comfort

All of these benefits can also be applied to an older building that does not have a BIM repository by design. Panorama’s offer includes the possibility of “retro BIM”.

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