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Panorama Suite at the heart of the Intelligent Hospital

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Hopitech 2023

Between the health crisis and the rise of cyberattacks, hospitals are increasingly confronted with service continuity issues, both in terms of patient care and IT infrastructure. For a safer hospital, this one will have to move towards digital transformation.
This technological milestone will lead technical teams to integrate new technologies at the heart of their IF in order to improve access to care. The challenge is to ensure operational efficiency while maintaining the comfort and safety of patients and staff.
This is why, in the South of France, the Hopitech exhibition brings together all the players in the hospital sector. For 3 days, they will be gathering around the latest innovations to support the entire sector in this digital shift.
Codra, a player committed to innovation and cybersecurity, joins the ranks this year.

Meet us on Hopitech Exhibition
From 22 to 24 March 2023
in the Toulouse Congress Center, France
stand CODRA 65

Let’s take up the challenges of tomorrow’s hospital together!

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Towards a Hospital 4.0 for new uses

The evolution of digital technology is affecting our society and, as a result, our healthcare system. In order to take into account the needs of users and provide new services and uses for all hospital stakeholders, the sector must go through a digital transformation. During the construction of a new hospital, the digital brick is taken into consideration from the study phase: the creation of the digital model of the building will serve as a foundation for its operation and its subsequent evolution if necessary.

In this “smart building” approach, Codra offers BIM Operations solution that is perfectly suited to hospitals. The aim is to correlate static data with the dynamic data of the building, to be able to develop the site by integrating new sub-systems, to control its operating costs while guaranteeing comfort for userst.
Thus, all the occupants of the hospital are concerned. On the one hand, the technical services will collect and exploit the data in order to control BMS, but also to optimise resource management, carry out preventive maintenance of equipment, etc. On the other hand, the patients will benefit from a high level of comfort and optimal safety during their stay.

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Ergonomic use of the scada application

Codra’s interest in HMI design aims to create intuitive interfaces, to improve the operator’s ability to quickly grasp the system and thus facilitate access to information.
Thanks to a UX/UI approach, operators have clear and instant access to the right information at the right time. They are able to make decisions more quickly on the follow-up of a patient, on a sudden change in temperature or on the detection of a water leak for example.
Thus, efficient human-machine interfaces will allow you to fully exploit the potential of your SCADA software and meet your safety/security challenges.

Would you like to discuss a project to modernise and digitalise your services? Make an appointment with Codra’s teams for an in-depth presentation of the Panorama Suite.

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Ensure a continuity of care

In recent years, several healthcare institutions have been the target of cyberattacks, making them critical infrastructures. As a result, teams are faced with the dual challenge of having to protect confidential patient data as well as computer systems and equipment. In order to ensure maximum quality of service, hospitals require appropriate operating systems based on robust, future-proof solutions such as the Panorama software suite.

In order to maintain continuity of service both in times of crisis and in everyday situations, several health establishments such as the Reims University Hospital have equipped their infrastructures with the Panorama SCADA solution to meet these reliability requirements. Codra has defined cybersecurity as a priority in its product strategy, and IT security is part of the company’s DNA.

Panorama Suite and Cybersecurity, it is:

  • native defence-in-depth mechanisms,
  • Certification of the SCADA, Panorama E2,
  • Qualification of the offer and the editor Codra by ANSSI,
  • Help with cybersecurity best practices,
  • Cybersecurity training provided by a Panorama expert,
  • Regularly updated security bulletins available on the customer portal.

Would you like to discuss the cybersecurity aspect? Visit Codra’s stand 65 at Hopitech or contact Codra directly.

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